Burns Night Dilemma

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Civvy_Shot, Jan 25, 2007.

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  1. Haggis, neeps and tatties sorted.

    My only dilemma is introducing C_S Junior to whisky. (He already loves haggis). Naturally it has to be done in a proper manner, so that he can appreciate a good dram,and never ever go near an alcopop for the rest of his life.

    Unfortunately, Mrs C_S says I should wait a while until he can appreciate it, or passes his third birthday, whichever comes first.

    Should I cave in to her frankly over-PC response, or instruct her to return to the kitchen while the males of the establishment take their ease?
  2. you could always flambé the haggis!
  3. 1) what was she doing out of the kitchen in the first place?
    2) WTF did you put in his bottle along with his milk every evening if not a decent scotch?
    3) Get a grip, man, you are signally failing in your duty to the young fellow. Break open a bottle of your finest and get him started without wasting another minute!
  4. Thanks for the reminder - must go out and hunt a haggis as it's the last day of the season ;-)
    Re: dilemma, whisky sauce on the Haggis, with a small glass of malt to wash it down :confused:
  5. What a waste of valuable time discussing if it's going to happen? Surely we should be discussing the appropriate training whisky? Personally a nice Speyside should tickle the junior palette. Macallan perhaps?
  6. I've just come off the phone after talking to Robertsons of Pitlochry, a fine whisky merchant.

    Alas they have no more of some of the finest whisky I've ever tasted, a ten year old Balblair. Instead I've ordered a case of ten year old Speyburn (after asking about its qualities, you know, degree of smokiness, sweetness etc.). Looking forward to taking delivery next week.

    Does anyone on here know of Speyburn?
  7. Trust Simon Weston will be guest of honour?
  8. How on earth did Junior survive teething? A spot of good stuff on the pinky (Thats the little finger to foreigners!!!!) on the offending area is an excellent painkiller. From a large glass of the good stuff for Dad - for being a caring parent.
  9. Don't know about that, my mam and dad used Armagnac - but this was in Wales! :)
  10. Tried that but was banned by the Obergruppenfuhrer on the grounds of (a) being a lazy male I'd only be holding the howling wee get for 10 minutes a day, and (b)she hates the smell of whisky ever since necking too much Caol Ila and producing peaty chunder.

    I tried to sneak back in with the Absolut but was discovered in the act.

    I think I'll hold back on the Laphroiag until he's over 5: stick to the Speyside for training purposes.
  11. Glenkinchie would be a fine drop for training purposes. Smooth as a baby's bottom - appropriately enough!

  12. Your asking for trouble drinking that turgid Scottish muck. I know it's an evening of Scottish revelry, but you could always get Jnr started on a nice tot of Black Bush.
  13. Dear oh dear. Dear oh dear oh dear oh dear.

    (actually, Caol Ila should do nicely, it's not rough in the young Laphroaig way. Good for training the taste buds. On the whole, though, a light Speyside should be ideal.)
  14. That has seriously different connotations if you've spent any time in West Africa!!!
  15. Try some on his haggis as the heat will disipate the alchohol and he can get the taste first, dont waste a good one for this as you are only training him.