Burnley..........the place to be!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Baddass, Dec 19, 2003.

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  1. Have any of you chaps been fortunate enough to visit Burnley?

    Did you marvel at it's 'sink' estates (have I got that right MSR?), chat to the locals, imbibe the local delacacies of Lamb Madras, Black Pudding and Tripe? 'Sup' ale in it's freindly taverns. Swap stories of Burnley and Accrington Stanleys games of old?

    Have you travelled on the 'charabang' or are you still sparking your clogs at Mill gates? Did you gaze in awe of the starving children as they clammered around your discarded kebab ?

    Were you per chance accosted by one of it's freindly ethnic types, who relieved you of your wallet and watch? Ah, how you must have chuckled as he tried to make himself understood. 'Give us your money' never quite had the same sparkle in Serbo-Croat.

    Did you see the poor beggar children, dressed in their national costumes of linen and clogs?

    For those of you have have not visited the home town of such celebrities as MSR.........get down to your local travel agent and book your tickets now.

    Burnley..............it's the place to be!
  2. You summed it up right there.

    I got in a cab at Burnley station, it smelt like the inside of Albert Tatlocks cap.

    The driver didn't even understand the name of the street I wanted to go, he wasn't a croat though think he was a gun runner for the taleban.

    Burnley...The calcutta of the North
  3. I live in Preston and have to visit sites in Burnley on a regular basis. It scares me. For added fear and inbreeding try the lovely hamlets of Oswaldtwisle, Darwen, Clayton-Le-Moors and Nelson as well.
    Truely a land that employment and hope forgot.
    Cheap houses though :)
  4. Speedy you slag.... I was about to start on the pointy headed inhabitants of Oswaldtwistle and Accrington

    What a bunch of banjo playing dingle lookalike mutants they are
  5. You've met the QLR, then...
  6. I have a friend who purchased a lovely 3 level stone cottage in Clayon-le-Moors in 1998 for £40,000. He has spent thousands on it over the years turning it into a superb house for his family. He recently had it valued.
    It is now worth £40,000. Even after the housing boom. This is purely due to the fact it is in East Lancs.
    Poor bugger.
  7. You need to go a few miles further, and go to Oldham. LORDY !! I used to go out on the pee there years ago. It's now a no-go area for people who are, without sound racist, white.
  8. Isn't that Burnley place where they paint their arrses blue with woad, then
    go out and chuck spears at passing omnibusses?
  9. fcuking wopland shitehole town
  10. burnley is a awesome place it is the only place i've ever been to where the petrol stations give away 24 cans of lager with every £10 of fuel
    mind you thats probably to try to encourage the thievin fu*#s to actually pay for something
  11. You are all forgetting the wonderous place that is Padiham. What a joy that gaff is, full of people who walk backwards and speak in tongues.
  12. Sure you didn't mean walk in tongues and speak backwards?
  13. Sorry my mistake, oh and by the way don't get anything to eat from the takeaway on the hill, its a real flea pit. I'm sure I saw M-D-N working there one night
  14. Would that be Mustapha-Do-Nut or his twin Mahktab?
  15. Speedy, Tha must be taking the piss someone from the overspill of fackin Dublin having a go at us lot in East Lancs, tha would'unt last two minutes in Darren cock!!.