Burning the Union Flag

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by blessed baby cakes, Sep 15, 2004.

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  1. The Second Reading for this Bill is October the 15th.
    Please write to your MP and ask them to add your name in support of this Bill.

    {Member of Parliament}
    House of Commons
    SW1A 0AA

    And please copy to the...

    Prime Minister
    10 Downing Street
    SW1A 1AA

    This Bill will need all the support it can get, it is a rank outsider with little to no hope given the present climate of hand holding with those on our shores who would undermined and threaten the safety of this Nation.

    BBC :angel:

    ..and if you don't know who your MP is.....

    *Edited as I was at work during first posting, Sorry!*
  2. Damn right it should be an offence. To burn someones flag is to send an insult to that country.

    However, given the PC culture permeating through this country, I don't expect it to get voted in by this bunch of spineless t0ssers :evil:
  3. Oh, I dunno... isn't it illegal to burn the s+s over the pond?

    Anything dubya says, must be right, after all :roll:
  4. Is this kind of law _really_ necessary in a free society? Oh wait, we don't live in a free society... And when radical muslims do it, you can guarantee they won't be nicked for it!

    I think that people should start to fly the Union flag upside down (a distress signal) to subtly say that they think that the UK is going up faeces creek without a paddle... But that's just my opinion.
  5. Is it not an offence to fly the UJ other than from a public building?

    Someone up here was ordered to take it down last year.

    OK to fly St Georges flag but not UJ

    PC or not it should be illegal to burn it in public

    Effigies of our Tony and his 'First Lady' being burned is differant...
    Since when has the grinning other half been our 'First Lady' anyway?
    Does he have a 'Second Lady' ? ~ Phone the Daily Mail at once....
  6. Quite right. That should be mandatory.
  7. Doesn't that go against our right to freedom of expression?

    Perhaps a more understanding approach should be used.....

    Logic - If someone feels so strongly against our country as to burn our flag, then they are obviously not happy living here. There is a strong liklyhood that they might be compelled to live somewhere else. I talk here about anyone of any nationality....not just the usual suspects.

    Therefore, the govt should give them a helping hand by giving them a one-way ticket back to their country of origin (presuming in this case that they had one other than Great Britain) as they obviously would feel that whatever compelled them to find a way into GB is no longer a problem in their homeland.

    I believe that GB is right to offer sanctuary to anyone who genuinely needs to escape persecution from their own country. I personally would be very greatful to a country that offered me my life and liberty over repression and torture.

    Anyone who is a genuine assylum case would not burn the Union Flag, the symbol of freedom that they so bravely risked their life to reach.

    People who burn our flag should simply have all citizenship revoked, and returned immediately to their country of origin. Lets face it, to carry out such a deed must certainly put them beyond any doubt in their own countrys eyes. They would be a national hero, not persecuted by their homeland.

    Of course, any Brit who burned a Union Flag should be shot a dawn.

  8. No, it's not. While I find it offensive, it is a form of free speech and should be protected.
  9. I don't think so, I have a fcuking huge one flying off the top of my offices on one end and a St Georges Cross on the other. Place is constantly being visited by plod and council wallahs and it has never been mentioned. The only thing that gets confusing is when and for how long it has to be at half mast when the situation arises, so I just copy the castle that I can see out of the window.

    Besides that, I'd tip burning oil on them if they told me to take it down.
  10. There's one on my office too......along with a big golden m on a red background.... :lol:
  11. I stand corrected, I have just been informed that the case I referred to was more to do with erecting a flagpole without planing permission!

    http://www.royal.gov.uk/output/page398.asp refers to flying on public buildings:

  12. good to fly, but wasnt there loads of firms who promised shite storms on their employees who flew the st geoge cross for england in the euro's. i know my bradford based bosses put the no no on that :cry:
  13. Pah, no-one'd bloody notice! 8O
  14. Although there are occasionally foam-at-the-mouth-nationalists (sorry, patriots) in the US who keep trying to get flag-burning made illegal, it isn't.

    Just to rub it in, the official, US forces, mandated method of getting rid of US flags that are worn out, damaged, etc, is...........to burn them. :roll:
  15. I believe it was judged to be a part of having a constitutionally decreed right to free speech. Not allowed to burn the flag = not allowed to express oneself freely. Thus the Supreme Court shrugs and says "Oh if you must....."

    Q. You can burn the fabric but do the associated ideas go up with it?