Burning the Koran.....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RACsucker, Apr 18, 2011.

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  1. Though muslim hate preachers get nothing but benefits. Fucking shit gay country.
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  2. Fucking joke if you ask me, of a sentence. Whilst people who burn poppies simply to get a similar reaction get a 50 quid fine.

    Stick your Muslim appeasement up your ass.
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  3. Its a fucking book! Just because some backward inbred fucking mouthbreathers believe it has magical powers doesn't make it so. Would he have been jailed for burning 1984, a far more important book in my opinion?
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  4. It's made me fucking livid. I don't want to get started as I'm sure I'd get this site taken off-line.
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  5. Obviously isn't if you say so then. You done much fighting out of your 4 tonner?
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  6. aye & the cunts had the fucking crass audacity to ban mein kampf.fucking daft cunts.
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  7. He knew what he was doing. An ex-soldier should know better.

    I'd have doubled the tarrif.
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  8. Couldn't he just have used hexy like everyone else?
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  9. Ummmm, why?
  10. Not in the UK it isn't. And before I'm accused of being anti-muslim or similar nonsense I could care less if he had burned a Bible, Torah etc. They're books, the tit should by all means have been charged for disturbing the peace for doing it in a public space without permission but a hate crime? Do fuck off.
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  11. The world would be a better place if we burnt religious people.
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  12. How many UN staff died this month because a bunch of savages just thought that idiot Terry Jones burnt a Koran?

    These things have far reaching effects - and I'd hold a soldier and erstwhile politician to account for knowing that and punish him accordingly.

    Yes, it's just a book. Yes, the libertarian model means we're entitled to our freedom to read it or burn it. But when the motive is out-and-out hate and provocation I don't get too misty eyed when someone gets banged up for playing macro politics on a micro agenda.
  13. aye fucking reet.let's start with st.james park.fucking geordie maggots.
  14. So if he'd burned a bible would there have been a case to answer?

    No, thought not.

    Sooner or later, to paraphrese Enoch Powell, 'I see the Tiber foaming with blood.'

    It will come to this, 'You're either for us, or against us.'

    I suspect it will be a pan european affair.

    And we thought NI was a rough religious affair.