Burning off fat....

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by blonde_guy, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. Now, being a chap who enjoys a beer or two, I have a little rotundness around the belly area.

    Been running & changed diet etc, and my fitness has increased massively; but the stubborn belly fat remains.

    Are there any specific exercises/methods of ridding/reducing it as quickly as possible?
  2. Keep at it and don't expect too much/too soon.

    Remember to maintain a negative energy balance to lose weight.

    dU = δQ - δW
  3. I'm about 3 weeks into a fitness plan, and I'm in the same boat as you mate! Fair bit fitter already, (or less unfit I should say) but my beer gut (evidence of a craving for Stella) persists. :(
  4. Negative energy balance ?
    I must be retarded, please explain as i have the same symptoms.

  5. Negative energy balance is where you burn off more than you consume.

    think of a set of scale with bags of sugar for the amount of energy consumed and he amount of energy used in various tasks eg running, walking, sleeping etc... The scales must tip in favor of the energy used thus your body will have to use its store of energy, ie the belly fat, to make the scale balance.

  6. How do you do that then just drink water and then go for a run?
  7. Calories in minus calories consumed = X

    If X is a negative number then you will loose weight, if it is a positive number you will maintain/gain weight.

    That is at it's most simple, other factors can have an impact but only in a very very small % of people, and no being addicted to Stella and pies is not an excuse. :p
  8. i.e. eat fewer calories than you expend every day therefore body has to rely on own sources (belly fat) to maintain the bodys daily consumption around 2500 calories a day IIRC
  9. I hate pies (traitor to my race) and the Stella's been knocked on the head, so fingers crossed the flab should fly off - I "only" need to lose 5kg according to my local AFCO. :D
  10. You don't enter the fat burning zone until you have run for 40 minutes

    It doesn't matter what speed you run at as long as its for more than 40 minutes

    At least thats what I was told
  11. But I am ADDICTED to pies and beer! It's not my fault :cry:
  12. Ok but what do you do to get round cravings??
  13. Long slow runs are good for burning fat.

  14. A bit of self discipline :D
  15. arf arf 8)