Burning Flags

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Fones_4_Me, Apr 23, 2006.

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  1. I just had a call from my auntie (ya know one of those boring family calls). After she bored me fcukin senseless for about 10 minutes, she started telling me about how patriotic she still is, even to the extent she has Flags hanging out her windows for St georges day! I just think she is a bit of a scruffy tw@t!
    However she said last night whilst lying in bed she could hear a faint crackling noise.... When she got up and looked out the window she saw 3 Asian lads setting fire to the bottom of the flag...which by the way is hanging out of her bedroom window....
    Dirty low life mother fcukers, what the fcuk is going on when people want to burn our national flag especially when its hanging out of a families bedroom window..... Its a national disgrace not to be able to celebrate St Georges day in England... Infact fcuk celebrating St Georges day, If an English family want to hang a St Georges cross, union Jack or anything else that represents our Nation then they should be able to without fear of some cnut burning it! :evil:
  2. Totally agree m8.
    Shame no-one was about to grab them by the scruff of their necks and send them back to where their family had originated from.
    I'm just waiting for the day when I see it happen in front of me.
    I'll be wrapping the flag round their head well I tw* t the feck out of their skull, oooooo it winds me up.
  3. Maybe we should burn their mecca facing prison toilets. Whilst we are at it why don't we send them all back to where they belong and burn the ruddy lot!!
  4. Can't see a problem with it myself.
  5. With harsh talk like that, you can be in my gang anytime. Rotters!
  6. Well done, Birdie, well done, chatbox!
    My twin sister hung an Irish tricolour out the window on St Patrick's Day and some of your mindless colleagues asked her what it was. She replied that it was the Italian flag and they nodded and passed by. It seems it's OK to be Italian but dodgy to be Irish.
    All hail to the British Empire, and all that!

  7. Why would your auntie want to hang a Turkish blokes flag out anyway ?
  8. Ok they burn the our flags I burn their Koran after using it as shit house paper.
  9. Don't want to turn this into some religious slanging match but can people please differentiate between muslim (or Hindu etc...) chavs and moderates please? All ethnic groups have knobheads like these!
  10. well said, we all have our bigots/idiots/haters/ect ect, all of us, of all nations peoples races and religions,
    less generalisations with the racist overtones please.
  11. Balls!!
    I say more generalisations, burn all the gingers and all smelly chav fecks as well as set fire to France (all of it). and the Hindus and the Muslims (even the nice ones) Catholics, protestants, devil worshipers and scientologists, feck religion and double feck the namdy pandy fecking PC mother huberds. were not the same, we never were supposed to be the same, we are human, so we fight about anything and kill each other, cos were animals and that's the rules,

    so feck off all of you dirty PC bitches with your turgid crap about respect and racism we are racist all of us whether your blue green orange black blue pink or chink ok?

    I personally love you all, but im just saying...............
  12. Now that's good posting! :)
  13. Has she reported this to the police? Setting fire to a flag hanging out of a bedroom window isn't much different to setting fire to someone's bedroom curtains. Its arson. Where exactly did this incident take place?
  14. Outside the bedroom window 8O 8O
  15. Burning the flag bothers me not one jot!!

    The fact that these tw_ts what ever their race or creed are creeping round peoples gardens setting fire to stuff is bad news

    One of those stories that could have ended with a house fire and death of aunty et al

    Sh_t heads are sh_t heads and should be rounded up and made to feel remorse through pain

    Every one has a right to feel safe in their own house

    While quiet national pride is good (we have it) I'd hate to see the hand on heart, salute the flag bullsh_t of our special cousins