Burning fat vs Building Muscle?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by jimuk80, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. Okay, i thought this might be a relevant thread.

    Im overweight with a BMI of 94.7. Ive been training hard with bodyweight / circuit training as advised by the Royal Marines on: http://www.royal-marines.mod.uk/

    What im unsure about is the fact that im getting stronger (heaves, push-ups, sit-ups, 1.5) but my weight hasnt changed.

    Its been 2 months of training for me now and im getting stronger and faster every day. but my weight isnt dropping.

    Im dont think im holding as much fat as before but i'd just like to know if anypne has experienced the same?
  2. 94.7 are you sure?
  3. 94.7 WHAAAA?! With that sort of BMI, you must already be sucking pig c@ck in hell, there, PizzaTi ts.Nice try, though
  4. Of course. As has been said, as you build muscle you will get heavier unless this is offset by losing fat. It's quite hard to do both though unless you're quite a fat bastard anyway. The mirror; not the scales should be telling you how you're progressing.
  5. Whoops, 27.4. My apologies, it was late ok.
  6. Are you sure that BMI is correct? A BMI greater than 30 is obese, over 40 is morbidly obese.

    Edit. Now that you've corrected. I'd go along with what Fallschirmjager said. At the size you are a mirror is more of an indication than looking at BMI.
  7. Agree with this.
  8. Does this present a problem though? My BMI makes me overweight but its good overweight. They have a threshold based around the size of your frame and you will probably won't have an issue providing you make the grade with your strength and fitness.

    BMI = joke.
  9. BMI is only a general measurement based on the height/weight ratio dreamed up in the mid 1800s. It is not an indication of health or fitness. At my fittest I would have been classed overweight despite my body fat being only 10%.
  10. you have to be in the normal category to get in.
  11. Thats what i thought, when i started training i was worrying about my weight and dieting but then found myself worrying about fuelling my training. Ive binned the lot now and try to eat healthily when im hungry. Im hoping that eventually all of the bodyweight stuff im doing will eventually become more of a cardio session as my numbers improve.

    I might get a BFP test done just to be sure, does anyone know where you can get this done cheap / free?
  12. my bmi is 26.5 mate ive lost 2 stone since i started training but i have put half a stone back on as i have been doing alot of weight training. as i said above my afco said to get in you have to come under the "normal" category but i recon as long as your not in the obese category it should be alright.

    dont know if that makes sense?
  13. check your pms
  14. I bought a set of scales from argos that claim to measure body fat percentage, water percentage, and weight, by passing an electric current through your feet and measuring the resistance.

    I am not convinced it is accurate, but on the assumption that it is at least consistently inaccurate, I have been using it every few days to keep a check on things.

    In the last month my fat percentage has gone from about 18.5% to 14.7%, and my weight has dropped by about half a stone. My belts had to tighten a couple of notches too, which is promising.
  15. As 1Man says, BMI is as useful as a chocolate tea pot. At my current size, and 12.5% fat, I am morbidly obese...which is in fact b******s! Get yourself some decent BF% scales, failing that some fat calipers which are pretty useful. These measure skin folds at strategic places around the body and give a good indication of fat levels.
    Good luck and keep training!