Burning down the white house

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by BRIAN, May 22, 2005.

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  1. I heard that there is a rumour that one of the old Fusilier Battalions were behind this in the war of 1812 when we invaded Washington DC in response to the USAs support for the French in the Napolionic wars. I also heard that the Stars and Stripes were stolen as a spoil of war and remain in some infantry battailions silver room somewhere....

    Is this true and if it is i wonder if the yanks have ever asked for it back.
  2. if you could that would be awesome.

    I had heard a rumour that the flag was a contensious issue and in the past had spent time in different Inf messes so it could remain safe.

    A steal that has got to rank up with the Eagle at Talavera for the Royal Anglians.
  3. I am told there is a Painting of the Battalion CO who commanded at time of the burning in the Bury Regtl museum.
  4. will keep an eye out cheers.
  5. Reputedly worth Millions.
  6. is this the picture or the flag.

    Has the picture got the white house burning in the back ground. :p
  7. there is a union flag at west point so guess its only fair :)
  8. Just remember, we "septics" kicked your butts, ONCE AGAIN, in this war. Flag or no flag...
  9. Bunker Hill to you Too,
  10. i knew someone who studied American History at University, i often mocked him by asking what the hell he did in the afternoons, by the way things that are 200 years old are not really 'Ancient'. Cheers for the flag
  11. No you didn't. In support of Napoleon you invaded Canada and were kicked out by the Canadians! At the end of the war your White House had been burnt, your goverment was bankrupt, your mechant marine had effectively ceased to exist and took 40 years to recover and you had abandoned any plans for a blue water navy.

    True you beat us soundly at the Battle of New Orleans but the peace treaty had already been signed by then and the damage done.
  12. Burning the White House - a fine tradition overdue for a revival! More important was the destruction of the shipping in the Potomac and Chesapeake Bay in the same campaign, burnt to the waterline or cut out and carried off by boatloads of hairy arsed sailors. Insert Blue Water/Manoeuvrist/Amphibious bit here
  13. On reaching the White House, the officers of the lead battalion found dinner still cooking in the cravenly abandoned White House. So prior to torching the gaff, they sat down to the full monte...now that is savoir faire!