Burning Discs

Hi all, I have started burning and its been fine untill now.

I had a movie too big for the disc , so i got Nero Express 3.

All seemed well using Nero Visionexpress to burn it, it allowed me to shrink the file and put it on the disk.

But when it was burnt it wouldnt play on my DVD Player, although if i use Windows DVD Maker with the same disks it would work.

Its Nero is the problem i sware it! Every movie i burn wont work on my DVD Player, if i use Windows DVD Maker it will.

I use DVD+RW . So has anyone got any suggestions why its like this? Or should i get diffrent software?


what file format are the films? And will your DVD player support it?
I use nero vision 4 for my holiday movies and I have no problem. Movie too big for a DVD IM me and explain why?
without getting to techy, AVI is not strictly a format, it is just a wraparound for any number of different codecs. The reason I say this is it could simply be (in fact I am almost sure it is) that your version of Nero is using a different Codec to compress the movie than the one used by Windows DVD maker. There may or may not be a solution, I have never used either program, but it could simply be a matter of changing some settings or options on Nero somewhere, or failing that, as Smudge said, if Windows DVD maker does the job, whats your problem?
try dvdshrink its freeware it will copy just the main movie leaves out subtitles and menus and crap like that tho so generally leaves enough room to burn it on a normal dvd

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