Burning CD's for the car

Right - I've burnt CD's before, but this seems to trick me a bit.
Sick of using my MP3 player & FM transmitter in my 52 plate Focus (Can't be arsed with new stereo / Ipod crap), I thought I'd burn some CD's for the car. Mainly for long journey's without wife & child.
I burnt off 3 CD's (all mp3 music) and put them in the car. CD 1 works fine, 1st song on CD 2 is fine, then "Error" and CD 3 is just "Error".
I know that some people have said with a Ford stereo, the bit rate should be 128kps, not 196kps. But on the first CD, some of the tracks are 196kps. Have the discs burnt badly, or am I just lucky the first CD worked at all? There's around 17 tracks on each and all 17 are fine, like I said on the first.
Good point about CDRW - Thanks, do you know any free media that will change MP3 to WMA? I'm on a Samsung phone, so a lot of my media is now on MP3. I did look for freeware, but none seem to go MP3 - WMA, or if they do, then it's just a trial.


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Do yourself a favour. Load (if you haven't already done so) your cds on the computer. I like itunes, some do not. Stick them on an ipod, plug it into the system in the motor. No idea what age a 52 or whatever it was plate is. Works, less trouble than cds.
Plan b half decent nokia, download spotify premium, plug phone into system play. Transfer music on to sd card in phone, use phone as player.
The only useful thing in my blackberry is the fact its a great quality music player,its a crap phone and doesnt do spotify. But I can load up an sd card full of good music and it works.
Sorry for going on but its probably easier to do than it is to explain and its a lot less trouble than cds.
I can see your point Skid (52 plate is 2002 by the way!), I know I could pull something off to use my android phone, but the journey's I do with music blaring is around 250 miles and to be honest, I already use my phone for the traffic! If I was to do the music through it as well, the battery would be shot in a short amount of time. I do have a spare, but it's a lot of hassle, over sticking a CD in!

To add - Ipod's are about £50-£100, CD's in ASDA are £2 for 10!
A car charger for the phone and mp3 / headphones sounds like a much better idea IMO.


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The Jag has a iPod docking station in the L/H armrest. I got the grease monkeys at the garage to 'sink it' so when I press the music button my iPod comes up on the sat nav screen in the middle of the dash. Its a touch screen and its ******* mint.

Hope this helps.


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The best thing you can do is buy a Mercedes.
End of May, strangely enough despite a couple of powerpoints the ipod/music hook up is a 3.5 jack. I expected something a little more hi tech.

To the OP try finding someone who knows the dark art of auto sparkery and see if they can run a flying lead out of the back of the car unit. Power from the plug thing and away you go. Just for fun hook up a FIIO headphone amp for extra bounce.

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