Burning? Books? What about destroying statues ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ciggie, Sep 11, 2010.

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  1. You can't help loving the Taliban, can you? As a Buddhist it is beyond me to call them ***** who deserve to have their testicles burned with hot oil. Angry about the possibility of a few printed pages being burned. Try the anger when some morons destroy a piece of peaceful heritage. *****.
  2. In case anyone is wondering why I posted that.... negotiation with these 'people' is out of the question. Let's stop it... all Afghans in Britain, you have 2 weeks to get your rags together and get out, we never want to see you again. If you want to flop around on a carpet, kindly do it somewhere else, don't bother us.
  3. Put the bottle down and leave the keyboard alone fella.
  4. Step away from the whisky.
  5. true colours...............
  6. Although I think the Protestant minister in Florida is a bit nuts to organize Koran burning the original poster Ciggie has a point.

    The Taliban get hysterical about damage to modern mass produced versions of the Koran but cheerfully destroyed the two largest statues of Buddha in the world at Bamyan. These statues were made about 1500 years ago before Muhammed (pbuh) was born. A true act of cultural vandalism.
  7. Irn bru and rum......you're right, doesn't seem to work.....aaah, well.
  8. I know of several private' Koran burning events,taking place later today.This is in response to Paks and Afghans burning flags,effigies etc.Some in private wish to express their disgust at the utterings and actions coming from the Muslim world,but also wish to deprive them of the oxygen of publicity,unless they OD on it.
  9. It has always angered me about the flagrant "Rules for us and not for them" that is as apparent as the nose on ones face. Was it not so long ago that demonstrators in Pakistan following their prime ministers comments about David Cameron were burning british flags and effigies of DC, holding the lighter in one hand and thrusting the other out begging for aid following the floods. What did we do? We gave them millions of pounds and then said to the british people well we have raise taxes to get rid of the deficit in the treasury, oh and by the way dont suppose you could dig your hand in your pocket to help the poor rain sodden poor chaps.

    Dont get me wrong I do sympathise with their plight in a way but if there is no money in the pot then there is no money in the pot.

    This Pastor in the US although his intentions are a bit bonkers have shown some true colours. Heads of state are now trying to force him to stop so that we dont upset the mental bearded ones however how much international condemnation is there for yet another round of flag burning, promises of death to all christians etc etc. Freedom of speech goes to the Faction who want to repress freedom of speech and gagging "dont be a nutter" instructions go to a member of the civilised free world whos constitution is built on freedom of speech.

    Western civilisation seems now to aligned to several do's and donts

    Pay your taxes no matter how many times they are hiked if you feel you are being screwed just think the money is going to help someone who last week was burning your flag and thretaing to cut the heads off you and your family.

    You must do everthing possible not not to upset your Muslim bretheren. Not all muslims are fanatical but we are not too sure which are and which aren't ( Am in no means racist, I have worked very closely with some fantastic muslim guys and some I would trust with my life).

    Under no circumstances are we to upset a muslim. As we dont know which are fanatics and which are not we must pander to them all just in case.

    Do not call a muslim a terrorist if you call him a terrorist he will get upset and start burning flags effigies threaten to kill the entire western world etc etc.

    The term enemy can no longer be used as it might hurt their feelings (see above for possible result) PC term which may be used is opposing fighters.

    Just to reiterate before the muck slinging etc I am no racist am just getting a bit fed up working hard just for my wallet to be lightened and then being told that it is going for a good cause when the folks that my money is going to are on tv burning my flag and telling me that they want to cut my throat.
  10. Islam - the religion of peace and love.

    And if you disagree with that, they'll ******* kill you.
  11. Quite agree. Although that pastor may be going about it bluntly, he's at least standing up for his beliefs. Perhaps if enough western governments grew the balls to tell the Moslem world to stfu, things might improve.

    A bit of balance, perhaps. Want a mosque in NY? Certainly, just as soon as the Cathedral opens in Mecca. No?
  12. I wanted to make it clear to the ARRSE world that the motivations for my rant are not through white supremisist (spelling but you know what I mean) misgivings but just hacked off plain and simple.
  13. The reason the Buddhas were destroyed is that it is un-Islamic to have depictions of sentient beings in art.
  14. Bollocks it is. There's loads of examples in Islamic art and scores of paintings showing Mohammed. The Koran says sod-all about painting people or animals. It only says
    As per usual, it was the holy joes that came afterwards and tried to outdo each other with the "ooh - I'm more religious than you" shite that made up bits in the hadith to ban whatever they didn't like.
  15. Well children are you sitting comfortably, good, then I'll begin.

    Now Boys & Girls can you guess what I used to start the B-B-Q with ?

    Yes, thats right, it was a book..............