Burn the witch.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Machristo, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    I s this the reason why people ask for capital punishment to be considered as a more permanent form of justice that does not drain resources?

    PS - I am not looking for a Capital Punishment debate (but I am looking for a splendid young lady who called herself Corporal Punishment....).
  2. on the contrary. i'd love it if a capital punishment debate did come of this. in parliament.
  3. The only problem with capital punishment is that it's irreversible.

    So if the courts get it wrong, (as if!) the punishment can end once the error is realised.

    IMHO we need hard labour in this country. This hag should be breaking rocks, washing hospital linen, walking through sewers etc etc for the rest of her life.

    All the menial, nasty, stinking, dangerous and unpleasant jobs - for no pay and with the threat of reduced rations if she refused. For the rest of her life.
  4. Cat of nine tails.

    or the stocks.

    or branding.
  5. I agree that you cant hang her for this dispicable crime the only fair way would to tie her with weights and see if she drowns, if she doesnt drown fix her to a pole and burn her, if the fire goes out then you can hang the b*tch.
    Good old fashioned policing is the best way for scum like this, hopefully the young girls in question can rebuild their lives.
  6. I am against capital punishment but would rather that the regime for such scum is made so bad that they wish to end it themselves. Just like Brady tried to starve himself keep the ****** alive and miserable.
  7. well said sir im with you 100 per cent here
  8. She should be thrown into a pit full of aids ridden arabs.
  9. My other half works in child protection and this occurs more frequently than you imagine. For example, **** rape by a father of his 3 month old son.

    Some cases make the press, others don't. 12 years is pathetic considering she'll probably be out in 4
  10. It sickens me that we will spend money keeping this creature behind bars... firing squad is the way forward with less carbon footprint a burning would create!
  11. This woman should be raped as many times as her daughter was then hung.
    We need to go back to medieval style prisons - bread and water, filth and darkness, disease and beatings.
    Until such a day that prison stops being so easy then justice can not be carried out.
  12. All those involved should be hung, drawn and quartered. They are not human. Whil'st in Prison these sub-humans are a drain on resources doing courses which are meant to "cure" them, but how can you cure a peodphile? death is the only answer.
  13. She should be chained to Tony Blair.
  14. 12 years - which, in reality, means 6 years. In some fcuking holiday camp. With personal computer, dvd player and tv provided at taxpayer's expense. Not to mention hot and cold running drugs. :evil: