Burn the bastards

An HR manager? Had it coming to him, based on cunts in HR at my place.
Stick to rimming their cup of char, less traumatic all round. But still satisfying.
At British Leyland they took it out on the whole country by making Allegro's.
The heartless bastards.
I'm sure there is an iron bar and a can of petrol somewhere near you right now. Go on then. Tomorrow morning. Break a mans legs then torch him and stand watching him burn. No?

Thought not. Fucking gobshite. Get back to work.
Thats the spirit don't give the plebs a fucking inch! Temper harshness with severity at all times. We'll all be better off once Cleggy has sorted the unions.
Verbal warning or straight to a letter?
The H&S chap would have given them the training to light the fire in a safe manner and also would have carried out full risk assessment.

One would hope that the individuals would have read the COSH information first and worn the correct PPE for the task.
Police say they broke both of his legs before spraying thinners – an inflammable liquid - into the room and then setting it on fire.A post-mortem of his charred remains showed he suffered multiple fractures but the pathologist believes he would have been conscious as the fire engulfed the building.


At least 40 other managers were also injured in the riot, including two executives from Japan.
Most of them are being treated in hospital with one senior executive on a life support machine.

In 2008 a mob of disgruntled workers at Graziano Trasmssioni India killed the chief executive by staving in his skull with hammers and metal bars.
And the CBI bleat when their workforce withdraws its labour for a day or two?
Silly fuckers just put themselves out of a job.
The managers, too, though. Might be an example our own shambles want to consider before implementing their Next Big Idea.

If it's been sent from my HTC Sensation using Tapatalk then I'm probably pissed.
An HR manager? Had it coming to him, based on cunts in HR at my place.
I'd agree with that, aren't HR supposed to look after staffs well being and development? the empire building cows from the HR department where I work seem to enjoy messing people around for months on end before making them redundant, robbing people of holidays they should be entitled to, blocking pay rises, bonuses and training requests while swanning around in big cars on big salaries knowing that they are untouchable and have the ear of the board of directors. Cunts.
aren't HR supposed to look after staffs well being and development?
You're confusing them with Personnel Departments. HR are there to minimise the costs to the employer from a workforce, end of story.

The clue is most definitely in the name.
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