burn pits

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by jesse650, Jun 27, 2012.

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  1. just a quick question. Does anyone know what formal training you should receive before using/setting one of these? and which publication is it in?

  2. Training??????

    Dig hole in remote ish area, fill with crap, torch it when the wind is blowing away from camp, job jobbed.
  3. Read your ORP box for guidance.
  4. Are you serious?

    It's a burn pit.
  5. Environmental health chaps might be able to give you some pointers
  6. You missed out the bit where you have to poke it constantly with a big stick and smerk tabs.
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  7. Don't fall in, it has been proved to ruin your day although the AFCS payout is apparently very nice. The chap I know who fell in was lucky that his mate was nearby to pull him out. Legs and other body parts like a snake now though!
  8. I mis-read the title as 'bum pits'...
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  9. Unless you light it with a phos grenade, then you have to run away, up wind.
  10. Ahhh, nostalgia. In fact there has been a lot of debate in the US about the alleged health hazards of burn pits when combined with genetic or other environmental factors - such as smerking tabs!

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  11. I read somewhere on Armynet* that 10% of injuries on Ops in Afghanistan are caused by burn pits.

    *******. Hell.

    So they have written it on the rat pack boxes. Gives you something to read before you burn it and perhaps an idea if you want to work your ticket out of of Afg.

    *So that might be utter bollocks.
  12. sorry to be dull but what exactly is an ORP box?
    and as I understood it there was an 7 day environmental health course before they were allowed to set and light a burn pit. and stinker yes training as the toxins given off from a burn pit incorrectly set and lit read like a whos who in cancerous agents not to mention dangerous biological aerosols from all the shit.
  13. commander's pocket guide to operational safety might be a useful start point. Both it and a larger more in depth document (ideal for insomnia/trivial pursuit) are available through DII(F) or ArmyNet
  14. Just learn how to light 45 gallons or Avtur.
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  15. any excuse to phos something!