Burma "trying to build nuclear weapon"

According to a defector who spoke to a Norwegian based group the Burmese junta is trying to develop a nuclear weapon. This is a single source report and I've not seen much else to back it up, though I wouldn't be surprised if it were true. The generals can't have failed to notice how Tehran and Pyongyang have manipulated the nuclear issue.

Makes sense, as Invicta wrote when they see how another third rate military dictatorship like North Korea has become practically untouchable and able to leverage ownership of nuclear weapons massively to their own advantage they're bound to want them as well. It'll be interesting to see how China reacts to something like this. After their experiences with North Korea I can't really envisage them seeing this as a good idea, I'd think they'd want to keep their duopoly on nuclear weapons in Asia with India and avoid any competition.
jarrod248 said:
The Thais will be chuffed to fcuk, that border is tense to say the least.
I agree. IF this turns out to be true and Burma is trying to join the nuclear club then it will alter the entire regional dynamic. Everyone from Delhi all the way around to Beijing via Singapore, Jakarta and Hanoi will become involved wether they like it or not.

Washington is pre-occupied with a multitude of issues. China will have to apply the pressure here, if they deem it in their interest to do so, as it is one of the few countries with any leverage in Burma.

The Irrawady is a Magazine based in Chiang Mai. Very anti Burma Government.

I wondered why Michael Yon was in Chaing Mai
I think that if there is even a sniff of the Burmese nutjobs having a credible nuclear weapons programme, the skies over whatever their new capital city is called will be blackened by Chinese and Russian missiles. They are even more scared of them than they are of the North Koreans. The Indians may even get involved if they can take their eyes off the threat cross their border from the failing state of Pakistan.

Thus the whole region could go up in smoke. Bit black of a prospect to be honest.

Common sense really, along with a long term interest in the Russians and their rhetoric, which quite a lot of the time says one thing whilst on the ground they end up doing another. They are already having to deal with an unstable regime not too far from their borders who possess nuclear weapons - a regime that they support in public, whilst at the same time wish would sort of disappear. The Chinese, well, they see any regime apart from theirs having the Bomb in Southern Asia as a threat to their hegemony. North Korea is as far as I think they are prepared to tolerate when it comes to nutters on their borders possessing viable nuclear bombs.

Particularly when one ponders the military leadersof said nutter nations using said bombs in one last apolalyptic frenzy if there ever comes a credible threat to their power.

No sorry, try a different subject.
Check back issues of Irrawaddy if they are available.
China has massive Oil interests in Burma and is building with The French company Total a pipeline to transport the oil to China.
This is causing Fighting on the North East Border as these areas where never part of Burma in Britain's day. The Shan States mainly Christian unlike the Burmese who are Buddhist of a sort.
China also wants the Mineral resources of Burma and above all the Jade, a matter which goes back to ancient times.
China can get what it wants without to much trouble. They preach non intervention in other states and going Nuclear seems far too extreme.
Burma with Nuclear landmines is not a problem, just look how long N Korea has been trying and is still in landmine business.


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