Burma Star Recipient

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by convoy_cock, Oct 22, 2011.

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  1. I've just started doing a bit of research for a friend.

    She handed me a few bits and bobs about her grandad. She knew nothing about his service, other than he'd 'been to Burma'.

    I've had a little look through some of the docs she supplied.

    His service record shows that he served from enlistment as follows

    East Lancs Regiment 16/10/39 - 30/05/43 - 2nd Battalion.
    Lancs Fusiliers 31/5/43 - 31/5/43 - 1st Battalion
    North Staffs 1/6/43 - 25/3/46 - 1st Battalion.

    He was a recipient of the 39-45 Star, Defence Medal, War Medal and Burma Star.

    Before I start delving properly, i'm just a little intrigued about his transferrals and would like anyone with a little bit of knowledge of the Burma theatre to give me a steer if possible.

    Would he have jumped from one regiment to another because this was around the time of the Chindits forming and those that didn't want to be, 'Chindits' were placed with other regiments? As I say, i'm a bit ignorant around this particular subject and would appreciate any input or recommended reading that might enlighten me as to movements of these particular units and why he'd have a 1 day transfere into the Lancs Fusiliers

    As ever, any help gratefully received and anything above and beyond, i'd be happy to send a bright and shiny, signed copy of Picking Up the Brass.

    All the best, Convoy cock.
  2. Thanks, Jarrod. I've already started having a look on that site. I'm hoping that a subject expert resides somewhere within the giant readership of ARRSE!!!
  3. Members of the association used to meet at our drill hall. They used to get pissed and tell us stories to entertain young TA soldiers.
  4. Got a name and service number? N Staffs had Bns in both SE Asia and Palestine immediately after the war: it's more than likely that your friend's Grandad picked up a GSM with clasp 'SE Asia' - and I have access to that medal roll on Ancestry.

    PM me the detail if you have it but don't want to go public.
  5. It is often stated with a good deal of truth that the Chindits were not individual volunteers for that particular role, but simply members of particular Battalions which were selected and trained up for that role. However, there were postings into and out of those Bns once they had been nominated for the role, and I did know someone who was transferred into a Chindit Bn as a volunteer.
  6. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    As far as I can see non of those units were members of either Chindit patrol.
    He appears to have been in 36 Bde serving in India & Burma.

    Chindits 1st patrol was 77 Bde.
    2nd Patrol was 3, 14, 16,23, 77 & 111 Bdes.
    Chindits Special Force Burma 1943-1944
  7. For most officers and soldiers service in the Chindits was not voluntary. Units were simply designated as part of the force, which in the first expedition was a brigade in strength, made up of a battalion of Burma Rifles who had seen action in the first Burma campaign and were split up into recce platoons (one to each Chindit column), a brand-new battalion of Gurkhas, and a battalion of the King's Regt who had been sent out to India as garrison troops. There was also a rather large commando company which was split up into platoons attached to the various columns- these men were volunteers and some had seen action with the Commandos in Europe, others were originally part of a force who were meant to train Chinese guerillas but the majority of which never actually made it to China (part of this force, known as No. 204 Military Mission, had served in Ethiopia). Also included were the instructors for training 204 Mission's men (known as the "Bush Warfare School"), yet more were volunteers from units in India . There were a few other volunteers, mainly officers, to make up the numbers in the brigade. In the second operation there were six brigades, three of which came from the disbanded 70th Infantry Div, two of which were the rebuilt original 77 Indian Infantry Bde and its intended replacement 111 Indian Infantry Bde, and a West African brigade of Nigerians. Again the vast majority were not volunteers for the Chindits (by the this time known as Special Force or by the cover name "3rd Indian Div") or for the operation.
  8. Don't get to carried away with the SF Chindit bit, me dad always said that meant they got less rations than everybody else as they could, live on the rice the took from the dead jabs they shot
  9. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    I'm not. Father in Law was a Chindit, both patrols poor sod. Hated Americans more than the Japs because of what Stillwell did to them.
  10. look again lancs fusileirs were in 77 brigade in 1944
  11. But the guy ConvoyCock is taling about wasn't in 1 Lancs Fusiliers then.
  12. From Joslen's Order of Battle (part of the official history series).

    2 E Lancs -
    3/9/39 Stationed in Ambala under comd Ambala Bde
    30/9/40 Embarked for UK
    18/7/40 29 Inf Bde (until 25/5/45)
    29 Inf Bde Comds FW Festing (later CIGS), HC Stockwell)
    left UK 20/3/42
    5/5/42 Invaded Madagascar as part of Force 121 (shooting at the French gets extra rarity points for service in WW2)
    26/1/43 Arrived India, Bde came under comd 36 Div (Festing) 26/1/43. Entered Burma theatre 12/2/44.

    1 Lanc Fus -
    3/9/39 stationed Quetta, mobilised 1/12/42 under comd Allahbad Bde
    20/7/43 arrived Jhansi under comd Jhansi are
    29/8/43 under comd 77 Inf Bde
    3/9/43 organised into 20 & 50 Columns
    15/1/44 Into Burma with Bde
    **/7/44 Evacuated from Burma, moved to Dehra Dun
    15/10/44 under comd 16 Inf Bde
    29/10/44 GHQ troops in Dehra Dun, 1/1/45 stationed in Lucknow

    1 N Staffs -
    3/9/39 stationed in Poona
    **/3/41 moved to Calcutta
    1/10/42 Mobilised, under comd 36 Indian Inf Bde
    **/4/43 moved to Arakan with 36 Ind Inf Bde
    11/9/43 left Arakan and 36 Ind Inf Bde
    27/9/43 arrived Dimapur, under comd 152 L of C sub-area
    28/5/45 moved to Ranchi under comd 101 L of C sub area

    It looks to me as if he didn't serve with Chindits and left the battalion before they started Chindit training, and was sent to 1 N Staff as a battle casualty replacement.

    Bns stationed in India in 1939, stated loosing men when the 5 years overseas service rule was introduced and they were returned to UK.