Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Manchester_Events, May 9, 2008.

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  1. What the fcuk is going on??? :? 8O :?

    Aid shipments stopped because the country's ruling military junta has impounded everything it has sent so far!

    Aid workers deported!

    Doctors and Medics deported on arrival at the airport!

    50 tons of emergency food and kit left on the tarmac at the airport!


    ABSOLUTE FOOKING DISGRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :evil: :twisted: :evil:

    Time the US/UK showed some real balls, and forcibly dropped aid to the 100,0000s in need, and bombed any little Hitler dictator that tried to stop them! :x

    If you would like to help, please visit -
    http://www.dec.org.uk/ 8)

    http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=12658744403&ref=mf 8)
  2. As I'm sure you are aware the ruling military Junta have been unaffected by this crisis and none of their ruling generals have been injured or financially effected by this. allowing foreigners in is seen as a negative (even if it is to save human lives) because they are paranoid that the rest of the world (europe etc) will wish to topple them so their main interest is in self preservation as opposed to those who live under their rule.

    shame really...
    But forcibly dropping supplies is only going to antagonise them (and our military is already stretched too thin).
  3. You can't help those who don't want help.
    I have to confess to being all crisis'd out these days and simply not being that bothered. If the Burmese can afford to reject the aid then perhaps the crisis may not be as bad as is portrayed?
  4. Utterly disgusting. The world should not stand by while people are dropping like flies. Park a few carriers off the coast (just outside territorial waters) and drop in aid by helo. In the meantime, kick it off the back of C130s and C17s. There are no aid workers there, but with satellite imagery etc it doesn't take extensive diplomacy to work out where the survivors and crisis points actually are, and to drop basics like water, high-energy foodstuffs and blankets. Ensure there are robust RoE so that, if the Burmese want to try it on, they are "discouraged".

    No need for "regime change"....just a limited intervention.
  5. What planet are you on? :?
  6. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    I think the junta are playing it long, waiting for the liberal West to blink first and agree to send money direct to the Burmese Govt. A nice little earner that will be. The folks at the bottom will get f all of course. That's how Asia works.

    NB As for the 'opposition', remember her dad worked with the Japanese.
  7. Same planet as most of us.....they do not want our help...
  8. Is it not also maybe a military strategy?

    Keep the aid.. let the people starve.. feed the army with the aid, then the people are too weak to rise up against the regime? hmmm
  9. What planet are you on? You tell us that they are blocking aid, then you give us a link to donate. Yes we are really gonna give money if it does the square root of **** all to help. I hope that part was a wah.
  10. You need to go and have a word with yourself mate 8O

    “they” are the regime. The vast population DO NEED our help! :(
  11. One I am quite content with thankyou.
    Sorry for not bawling my eyes about it all, I appreciate I should be wringing my hands in anguish, emptying my cuboards of baked beans and posting them off to Burma but I just don't feel inclined.
    I would have thought what I said is self explanatory, if the Burmese government don't want the help then there isn't a great deal we can do about it is there?
  12. Well, i'd say yes, there is a lot we can do. The main being, putting international pressure on the Burmese Gov't, to get the aid through, or forcibly dropping aid to those who need it!
  13. Yes, a link to donate – because at some point the regime will wake up and realise the impact this disaster actually is, and the aid will get through eventually. Although I fear, long after many more people have died, due to the inept regime there. :?
  14. In which case the USNavy/AirForce can do all of that quite nicely without my diplomatic skills or hard earned cash.
    I have enough concerns about our own government and the state of my own country (yes this one) without giving a monkeys about the Burmese one.
    I'm certainly not going to contribute anything to a vague "give us money" scheme by any of the charities wanting to absorb the cash in admin and feeling good.

    Dreadfully sorry but I'm just not outraged enough to give a toss. My bad