Burlesque Dancer banned from collecting for the RBL

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by northern-matelot, Jul 27, 2012.

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  1. Burlesque dancer Jo Freestone banned from collecting for Royal British Legion over racy outfits | Mail Online

    So the local RBL decided that Major Disastor's costume was a little bit "too racy" and not suitable for collecting money for the charity.


    Personally I think it's great that the haed office have over turned the decision and are allowing her to carry on dessing as such.

    So what are your thoughts? Should collectors be straight laced or is there room for something a bit fancy when it comes to collections?
  2. Thank Christ she isn't wearing any medals.
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  3. Sappers never looked like that in my day...


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  4. I'd like to pop something into her slot

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  5. Could do with a pearl necklace though
  6. Bit better looking...and younger...than the usual poppy sellers!....:lol:....
  7. She definitely couldn't lift a top panel.
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  8. I would put something in her slot and leave a donation
  9. Crusty old feckers, she'd fill every rattler the branch had within an hour dressed like that.
  10. no but they all had the same outfit in the back of their lockers!
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  11. F*cking Walt Bitch Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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  12. Nice puppies, er, poppies!
  13. Wouldn't mind betting that there are a few frumpy old wives behind this one.
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  14. Fuck me, where's my penny jar
  15. Does she have wings?