Burka and veiled faces - a security threat?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Steven, Feb 21, 2007.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/6378863.stm

    At least one of the alleged London bombers has been proven to have fled the scene wearing a full burka covering.

  2. Burka and veiled faces - a security threat?

    Not in Saudi Arabia their not - mind you, you get bits lopped of you if you're a wee bit naughty... and the concept of losing your drinking hand is a great deterent... Sharia law.. here we come.
  3. Just shows that this "man" knew he needed to conceal himself because he knew he had done something wrong and would face punishment. The true zealot typically believes that nothing can touch them and no matter what they do it was the right thing and for the greater good and therefore there is no need to conceal themselves after their action. It would then suggest that he did not truly believe in the action as deeply as he might have wished it to appear.

    This "man" used the most peeweak way possible to hide himself, dishonouring not only the women who do wear the bhurqa as a symbol of their religious committment but all other Muslims who are true Muslims, by dressing in a bhurqa to flee. I also believe he went against the teachings of the Qu'ran in dressing as a woman - perhaps some of the more knowledgeable members would be better in giving more thorough comment on that aspect.
  4. Pure supposition on your part MizKriss. Maybe he just enjoys wearing womens' clothes.

  5. Touche.

    I shall bow to your obviously greater knowledge of the...uhhh... cross dressing community and their motivations.
  6. Of course they are not a threat. If I walked down a street with a balaclava covering my head and face I would expect the same courtesy. It is my human right to protect myself form people who might view me as extremely beautiful or equally ugly.
    I wonder what the populace and the police would think of that.
  7. Possibly, but on the whole no.

    No real objection to people wearing them i just think common sense needs to come into play.

    Are they going through custom/security at an airport/port etc? If so they should have to show their full face.

    Walking round the street doing the shopping or whatnot, then no major problems with it.

    Or is that too sensible?
  8. His cunning disguise might have worked if he hadn't been 6 foot 2. As it was, he looked like a Star Wars villain cutting about in the bus station. :brilsmurf:

    Can't speak for anyone that dresses up for God. Crack on I suppose, if you don't mind looking like that. Me, I dress for the weather, short sleeves in winter, shirts tucked in in the desert! Proper smart! :plotting:
  9. It does beg the question - what happens if the next great yoof craze is wearing ski masks or full-face balaclavas, instead of just hoodies?

    Is the burkha any less offensive and threatening than any other form of deliberate concealment?
  10. It is against Qur'anic writ, but this individual was, presumably, using a rather loose interpretation of the doctrine of taqiyya, or dissimulation. Originally a predominantly Shi'a concept, it allows a believer to pretend to be something else if their life is in danger due to their beliefs.

    It's a function of those in the process of 'martyrdom ops' [sic], that there is commonly no consideration of exfil. The expectation is of death and as such, escape is not a consideration. It makes me wonder about the specific characters of both this individual and the planning for the 21/7 attacks.

    On the original point, there is little consideration of the Briton's inate mistrust of those who cover their faces. Whilst in Islam, as in the Imperial Sassanid courts from whence the tradition originates, the veiling of women is a cultural norm, in the British milieu, hiding the face connotes, Burglar Bill, highway men and muggers.
    Comments above about going shopping in a balaclava helmet are spot on - this is an issue which is simply not considered; primarily on the basis of multiculturalism being addressed specifically at the assimilated UK population to the benefit of recent waves of immigrant culture.
  11. :worship:
    You must have an extra strong neck, to cope with the weight of your brain!!

    All this time I've been labouring under the delusion that all those veils were a throwback to "desert chic", not only do they look good, but they keep the sand out of my nose too!
  12. I agree, perhaps I should refuse to take off my motorbike helmet next time I visit the bank and see how far I get!

    Covering the face is not part of our cultural norm and is most definately a security threat. In particular, and process that involves an ID check must not allow anyone through with their face covered. same for any form of ID document, drivers licence etc. Its just common sense!
  13. Good question, I think I'll pop down the bank today and wear a balaclava while I am at it!! do you reckon the bank staff would panic just a wee bit?

    edited to add:

    when the police come crashing through the door to give me a bit of close questioning with their batons, I'll explain that I am wearing it under my right as a male to cover my face so as to not inflame the desires of all females whom observe my countenance.....well thats my excuse and i'm sticking to it!!
  14. Oddly the strength of my neck is seldom mentioned - it's usually the length of it which crops up in (one way) conversations.

    The Persian kings and aristocracy kept their hareems in seclusion and veiled them if were the women ever allowed to leave the walled palaces. After the defeat of the Sassanids by the Islamic Arabs in the century after the death of Muhammad, the leadership of the new empire adopted the fashion for their womenfolk. This was justified as an interpretation of Qur'anic references to the dignity of Muhammad's wives - who lived around the courtyard which served as the communal mosque in Al-Madinah - and one of whom got herself caught, naked, going for a midnight dump.

    Within a very few generations, the mainstream Muslim population had, in turn, adopted the fashions of their social superiors - think equality amongst believers and the political power of a religious law - the up-shot being that a custom designed for the queens and princesses of a sedentary imperial court was taken on by the women of a substiantially nomadic or rural agrarian population.

    My neck hurts. :yawnstretch:
  15. I know I do........... :thumright: