Burj al Arab hotel

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by tropper66, Apr 14, 2011.

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  1. I'll send them a very stern email straight away. I will even use red text, and a harsh font :roll:
  2. Cracking hotel tho!
  3. Not as cracking as the local nick apparently. It's alledgedly smashing.
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  4. Room service leaves at lot to be desired there I hear.
  5. What a bargain!!!!!!

    The google ad to the right says you can get beaten to death in 5 star luxury for only £719pp.

    Frankly, the idea of why someone would want to go travelling to one of those benighted countries is a f*cking mystery to me.
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  6. Dubai.

    Five star hotels and shopping.

    Two star locals.

    One star human rights.
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  7. "Frankly, the idea of why someone would want to go travelling to one of those benighted countries is a f*cking mystery to me."

    Me two.
    Mind you he was an Infidel so no problem for local law.

  8. Note to self: The sunny side of the Gulf was a shithole in the 70's, chrimbo and the muttaween, deep joy! I expect it's no better now. Keep Avoiding like plague.
  9. But a free body bag in your room when you arrive
  10. And they don't like you shagging on their beaches either.
  11. I hated Dubai!

    I stayed for 2 nights at the Burj al Arab, it is without doubt the tackiest place I have ever stayed in! It makes some hotels in Vegas look classy!

    Gilt edged, gold emblazoned, marbled pile of pretentious nonsense.....................

    The clientele were even worse! I was subjected to staying with Russian oligarch gangsters and their horrific wives. Anthea Turner and Grant Bovey on the next table to me 'larging it up' and giving it the "Do you know who I am" crap to the waiting staff. Then having a cocktail later in one of the bars I was subjected to an impromptu performance of Total Eclipse of the Heart by a drunken Bonnie Tyler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just awful...............................

    Later that year, I spent a fraction on a holiday in Como in Italy, tranquil, classy and the standard of celeb was better! Having breakfast one morning and on the table next to us was a very nice chap, reading his paper, saying good morning to passers by and laughing and joking with the hotel staff. Anthony Hopkins! Also, Quentin Tarrentino got the drinks in for everyone in the evening in the hotel bar. His knowledge of the English Premiership is impressive for a spam!

    Also, I don't think your human rights are truly violated if you act the goat there!

    Dubai, awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  12. I lived in Ras Al Khaimah for 2 years which is about 30 minutes down the road from Dubai (depending on how fast you go) The country has some good points, but more bad points.

    There's a charge to go in the hotel to look around (unless you book a room or a restaurant table) If you're a westerner with cash, it's a nice place to live with most stuff dirt cheap (except rent & school fees all being up front) If you're anyone else, avolid it. And don' run into financial trouble out there. if you lose your job, you can't leave the country without paying all your debts first, and it's almost impossible to find another job there. I had a good time for the first year and a half, then when my CEO started to rip the company off from the UK and stop paying salaries, it became a nightmare.
  13. In 2005 it was £7 a pint in the jebel Ali golf resort, price worth paying at the time as we had just won the ashes,
  14. Agreed on both points. Lake Como is gorgeous. I have a friend living in Cernobbio just up the lake. I've been to 78 different countries, but you couldn't pay me to do the Middle East for a Holiday. Ghastly, Gauche, Dull. Nothing to see with the possible excepton of Petra and the Pyramids.