Buring Qurans in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by Pashtun_Nationalis, Feb 23, 2012.

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  2. 'Terrysm'? Prejudice against Terrys?
  3. Buring? What the **** is that, you illiterate mong?
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  4. Well **** me trigger, another hot off the press post.

    You Fuckwit
  5. Who is this mutant? An where the F*** did he get his brief on "The problem of Afghan society". Wheres all the British born Islamist hordes when you need one, hopefully the next time I see that tash on youtube, it's at a rigid 90 degrees to his neck.
  6. Nobody. *******. Cares.
  7. [h=2]Boring Qurans in Afghanistan[/h]
    Fixed that for you Afghababble, you boring **** furunculosis.
  8. And just what the **** do you know about Afghan society, fatty? You've never pissing well been there. Stop posting bollocks that nobody cares about and go for a run - you'll never be able to perform a Spetsnaz backflipping hatchet-throw with that big blubbery gut in the way.
  9. Pastun Nobber , stop trying to be a political journo , you are a boring fuckwit with no chance of ever being recognised , go and open a curry house or buy a taxi you useless twat.
  10. Boring. Whats your point, throbber?
  11. Well I'll be fecked,what can one say,,,Drivel comes to my mind.............
  12. He ought to rename himself A Modern Pashtun Pundit and start a blog.
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  13. Toasty and warm.....mmmmhhhh!
  14. Oi you, the grubby carpet pilot cock munching goat fondler, google burning churches and then see if I care!

    "throw another one on the fire love it's a bit parky!"

  15. Don't wish that on the poor lad......

    His "friend" Humza the Horrible will blurt one out over his favourite goat.