Buring Qurans in Afghanistan

Buring? What the **** is that, you illiterate mong?
Well **** me trigger, another hot off the press post.

You Fuckwit
Who is this mutant? An where the F*** did he get his brief on "The problem of Afghan society". Wheres all the British born Islamist hordes when you need one, hopefully the next time I see that tash on youtube, it's at a rigid 90 degrees to his neck.
Nobody. *******. Cares.
[h=2]Boring Qurans in Afghanistan[/h]
Fixed that for you Afghababble, you boring **** furunculosis.
And just what the **** do you know about Afghan society, fatty? You've never pissing well been there. Stop posting bollocks that nobody cares about and go for a run - you'll never be able to perform a Spetsnaz backflipping hatchet-throw with that big blubbery gut in the way.
Pastun Nobber , stop trying to be a political journo , you are a boring fuckwit with no chance of ever being recognised , go and open a curry house or buy a taxi you useless twat.
Boring. Whats your point, throbber?
Well I'll be fecked,what can one say,,,Drivel comes to my mind.............
Oi you, the grubby carpet pilot cock munching goat fondler, google burning churches and then see if I care!

"throw another one on the fire love it's a bit parky!"
I couldn't be arsed to look at his video. It's all BS anyway. When the Islamist nutters stop burning down churches and hassling Christian believers in so-called "peaceful" Islamist states then I might give a toss about a Koran or two that may have been accidentally burned. What do those fookers want anyway? The Chief Apologizer, Barry Soetaro, got down on his knees and apologized most humbly to Hamid Karzai, the corrupt leader of Afghanistan. (Makes jerking off motion with fist.)

Bow and Scrape Obummer resize.jpg
Its funny how many here brought up the issue of the Christian cementary being demolished by Libyan Rats as if this video is supporting the mindless wasters who protested by shooting ANP and ANA soldiers over a book being burnt.

Watch my video fully, I am not gullible.
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