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Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by Arte_et_Marte, Jul 5, 2011.

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  1. What's the bobby with relation to a military funeral for a retired serviceman?

    My old man is about to pass away with cancer, probably in the next fortnight, he served in the RAF (MTSS) for over 35 years and retired as a WO 20 years ago. He lives with Mum in Lincoln and his last posting was at Scampton.

    Would he be allowed a flag draped coffin, guard of honour, last post etc, or is it a case of bury the civvie?

    I live abroad, so it's a tad difficult speaking to the SWO at Scampton.

    Any advice would be welcome.

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    My wife's Great Uncle died a couple of years ago, aged 95. He was a pre-war soldier and WW2 veteran (MiD). I contacted King's Troop (he was a Gunner) and paid for a Trumpeter to turn up in full fig & sound Last Post/Reveille. I can't remember how much I paid, but it was very reasonable - and the old guy deserved a proper send off
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    A friends relative passed away a couple of years ago, he was an ex NS Para from Suez days and the local Legion and PRA sorted out a flag to drape the coffin, bugler and enough RBL members turned up to act as bearers. Only fitting that his generation buried him as after all our own lads are buried by their muckers when possible.
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    Sorry to hear about your old man.

    When we cremated my Great Uncle (Merville battery veteran) the Para Regiment Association turned up and did a nice do for him, flag draped coffin, a few RBL standard bearers etc.
  6. Just read your post properly, PM inbound.
  7. ugly

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    Woody and Brighton Hippy may recall burying the OC who was allowed to die in post, a TA officer who was well liked, I cant remember if the burial party wore uniform but the rest of the Coy and the Bn Reps all wore suits. No firing party.
  8. Many, many thanks folks. I've made contact with some of the peeps mentioned in this thread, and I'll tell you what, although it reduced my Mum to tears on the phone, It means the old boy has not been forgotten, his many years of quiet service to his country will be recognised.

    Some of us here know that a service marriage can be a hellish experience, and despite the packing of MFO boxes on 16 different occasions, and numerous unaccompanied tours, my folks endured the highs and lows of service life and emerged as good upstanding and appreciated members of the community.

    During my 12 years in green, my mother always refused to wash my combats when home on leave, because I was, and remain, in her eyes a 'pongo' but despite this, and the fact Dad was only a WO, and a crab to boot, I salute him.

    I will of course update you all regarding the proceedings at the appropriate time.

    Thanks again, especially to those who have sent messages of support to what so far has been a pretty shoite year.
  9. Good. My sincere condolences to the OP and his family.

    And it may be useful to remind service and ex service readers that membership of a Regimental Association means that your family can usualy receive advice and support after the passing of a father or son (or mother, daughter) who had been a serving member. In my case I am a member of the REA and one of the aims of the REA is to give it's members a proper burial.
  10. Well the old man has now been laid to rest.

    The local RAF Association were of tremendous help.

    My sincere thanks to all those who gave me advice on the matter, it made the last few weeks go a lot smoother and was a great comfort to my mother brother and sister.

    RIP Dad

    Thanks again ARRSE.
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  11. Arte, please give RAF Cer a call on Northolt Ext 8766. They office deals with this kind of situation regularly and will be onside to support. Per Ardua.
  12. ugly

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    This should be a sticky even if it is no longer relevant in this case! I have used the casualty records people to trace graves of my colleagues. I always found the jt service cas people to be very helpful.

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