Burglers get out of Jail Free Card

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Feb 2, 2008.

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  1. It's inevitable really. The government is more skint than a chav on the day before his giro arrives. For some reason, prison building can't be done under Gordon's favoured PFI, off balance sheet, Enron style, smoke and mirrors accounting scheme. Hence it ain't going to happen.

    In addition, prison doesn't work. Everybody knows that. Get with the programme will you? Where have you been during our glorious socialist revolution (oh err yes, Thailand - a wise move. How would the prospects be for a knackered old ex-matelot like me in your neck of the woods)?

    The stuff in the Telegraph article isn't just the tip of the iceberg. It's the speck of seagull guano sitting on top of the tip! For a really frightening read, get hold of a book called 'A Land Fit For Criminals'.

    It's written by David Fraser - a recently retired probation officer (or 'offender manager' as they're now called). In exquisitely referenced detail, he catalogues the breakdown of law and order in the UK as the sandals and pony tail brigade were inserted into the criminal justice system.

    Read how parts of the UK are the most violent places in the developed world. Cancel your next trip to the UK as you read how violent crime rates have doubled in only eight years. Evacuate the rest of your family from the UK as you learn how chavs can 'complete' community punishment orders without ever turning up.
  2. Perhaps, just perhaps, if when these Crims when in jail, they were given Hard Labour (Breaking Rocks ALL day), they would not be cuing to get back in for their three free meals and their lines of coke!
    Nor would they have the energy to riot, or have each other all night long!

    Personallly I would give then a tent on an island for the first month, to prove they are able to respect to prison accomodation and each other.

    In short, give them the biggest shock of the EASY life!
  3. IMHO I think we're going to see the rise of the community - vigilante pretty soon

    I predict the first death of some chav-scum within the year.

    People simple aren't going to put up with this shit any longer
  4. Seconded

    Check out many Peter Hitchens books on similar subjects.

    people often complain about rising crime and lack of police on the streets or police minimal action when a minor crime (car vandalism etc) is committed, these books help explain why.
  5. It's a ****ing joke how "real" criminals can litteraly get away with murder.
    Yet the average law abiding citizen can go out for a night on the piss, get into a fight, then get f**king 6 months in jail......
  6. AM we have two ancient mariners use my local, one a former Writer and the other Jack Tarr (True) an old submariner.