I had to reach over the gate to get the bolt off. He hit the gate like a fecking battering ram, growling and barking, trying to get through the gate.

Once he realised it was me he changed completely, and had a big lump of black pudding for being a good boy.
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1 x very territorial, very aggressive land shark. Anyone comes past the front gate he's waiting, teeth bared , hackles up ready to take on all comers.
I have three land sharks you wouldn't want to mess with. Once had a trespasser on the property who I came across whilst out with the hounds. I informed him he was on private property and asked him to leave and not come back.

He started getting gobby and made to move towards me, hounds were up and snarling at him in the blink of an eye just waiting for the word, he fecked off pretty smartish and haven't seen him since. I reckon he was doing a recce for the up coming deer hunting season, some folks seem to think they have every right to hunt other folks land without asking for permission first.

I absolutely detest burglars, there are bottom feeding pond life out there with more dignity and morals.
Parents got done over yesterday afternoon. Looks like the bastards were watching them.

Dads Omega watch that he bought in Germany in 1968 has been taken, the only saving grace is that its as rare as hens teeth. Most of mums jewellery gone as well.

Entry was via the front door with some kind of jemmy bar. SOCO & Plod seem to know who's responsible due to the MO, they used a pillowcase off mums bed to carry the property out. 15 bottles of wine and a bottle of port has gone as well, plus all of Dads underpants?? WTF..

HOWEVER, the ******** burglar has taken a big swig out of Dads Oramorph bottle, cheers for the DNA mush. Hopefully the scum get caught sooner rather than later, already told my parents that if someone is charged with the offence then the police have to let them know who they are under the Victims Charter.

I'm a bit pissed off tbh. If the identity of the offender is passed on, I've a good mind to make sure they will no longer have use of their hands for a very long time.
@Old Stab,
Very sorry to hear of your parents recent burglary. I did notice you said that your Fathers Omega went missing? If you would like to PM me the details or even a picture of the watch and the rough area it was taken from. if it's as rare as you say the the chances are it would catch the attention of some of my fellow collectors/ Dealers if it came up for sale at any point.
I have been to plenty housebreakings (scots legal word for the crime of robbery) I have also had crime prevention training. Depending on the determination of the thief and what they are after all security measures can ultimately be overcome depending on how determined the thief is to get your property.In reality the measures are mainly to determine the opportunist who will move on to the next less secure house.
Good advice above about security measures and keeping what you have out of sight if high end and hide car keys.
Consistently the best deterrent is a dog. Even small pet ones have a good deterrent effect. Cant remember many break ins where there was a dog, small and yappy or bigger with a bit of attitude.
Land sharks are the best of all.
I once took a statement from a little old lady in her 70's who was the only one in her street who hadnt been the subject of distraction theft when one bluffed the occupant at the door whilst another slipped in and looted the place.
She had seen them at the end of her drive but they hadnt come any closer.
"I have no idea why" she said
I think the Rhodesian ridgeback bitch with its head buried in my crotch getting its ears rubbed whilst its son a Rhodesian ridgeback dog (absolutely mahoosive as I recall) stared unblinkingly from across the room might have given her a clue though!

Glad your parents are okay, getting them a dog might not be the worst idea.
That's it. Go to your nearest car boot sales and look out for someone selling piles of old mens under pants.
And that, kids, is How I Met Your Mother....
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1 x very territorial, very aggressive land shark. Anyone comes past the front gate he's waiting, teeth bared , hackles up ready to take on all comers.
Reminds me of my neighbour and his old dog. He had a large rottweiler who was a rescue dog and the biggest softie I've ever met.

One day, he came home to find his mum in a bit of a state. She was in the backyard with the dog when someone decided jump his side fence to "take a look around". She told him that the dog went off its tits barking and chasing this guy out of the property.

He had a hard time believing this at first, this is the same dog that got out one day when my neighbour was mowing the front yard. He later found his dog across the road at the local park in the middle of the netball courts getting belly rubs from all the young girls.
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Sorry your folks got hit; infuriating experience. I still ruminate about my N64 getting robbed 20 years ago.

Anti scrote security measures?

Bars on the lower windows; All windows alarmed and all doors alarmed. Two motion sensors internally. 4 inside cameras; 1 outside. Motion sensitive lights. Front door and garage doors have full length strike plates and dead bolts with removable latches. Big safe, anchored to the concrete floor. Pit bull and a P30 with JHP ammo.
@Old Stab , sorry to hear about your parents woe's. Burglary is never nice, some victims I dealt with suffered as much with the invasion of their space, and theft of property as some rape victims do. The MiL was done over shortly after the FiL died and it really hit her for six.

Word of advice to you all:

1. Get some longer screws to replace the short existing screws in your hinges, locks and striker plates.
2. Put locks on the window holding open bar thingies.
3. 3M do a window film that will hold up even if the glass is broken.
4. There is a longer striker plate affair you can buy for any locking door that stops most scrotes from getting in the door.

The above are just an example, there are plenty out there.

5. I really like these, first saw them in France and think they are great. When you are leaving and lock the door you lift the handle, it shoots a bolt up and down and then you lock the door. 'king marvellous things.

All pretty discrete stuff that makes it a pain if anyone does try it on and does not make it look like you are living in fear in Fort Knox.

6. Make sure there are a couple of bolts and a chain on the back door.
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Euro locks. Especially lower end ones.
Get them checked out. I was shown over the weekend how to defeat them. I was shocked how simple it was.
Bloody Euro crap.
Fancy locks and security doors are all well and good, but if someone really wants to get in, they'll get in. The trick is making your gaff look like a harder target than your neighbours.
Fancy locks and security doors are all well and good, but if someone really wants to get in, they'll get in. The trick is making your gaff look like a harder target than your neighbours.
And, in a worst-case scenario, delay anyone getting in long enough for plod to arrive or for you to be alerted, to arm yourself, and ensure the family are locked in the bathroom.
Unless you have someone on the property who has arranged to let in the home invaders for a cut of the spoils. Stepfather and aunt got badly beaten and the place cleaned out when that happened. I warned them the person wasn't to be trusted and showed them why but being good people they didn't have my nasty suspicious streak.

That's now changed...
Fancy locks and security doors are all well and good, but if someone really wants to get in, they'll get in. The trick is making your gaff look like a harder target than your neighbours.
Interestingly, it was the other way around when our work was done over a few years back.

We had renovated a reasonably sized industrial site to consolidate from two separate properties and bring everything under one roof. Within a couple of months of operations, we had a break-in. Scrote was in and out within ~8 minutes, had done other places same night same MO, only interested in cash and ignored IT kit etc.

Director was chatting with the bobbies when they attended and was advised on some improvements we could make, but he wanted to know if we should beef it up further like putting in roller shutters on windows and so on. Bobby cautioned against this, because we had been hit by a lower-end criminal. If we made it look like we had something much more valuable to protect, we may attract the attention of a more competent professional type and end up with far more damage / loss as a result.

The main change was put in internal locks on the doors, so we increased the embuggeration value involved. If said scrote or similar ilk tried again, they would be stopped by internal barriers and time is a factor, so they would disengage quickly. Still may have damage, but it would keep them out of other areas and coralled in the locations where the cameras will get a good look at them.

Most burglaries are opportunity thefts, and often it is because people have left windows open or doors unlocked etc.. I agree with most of the suggestions on how security could be improved internally and to hinder all but the most determined access from outside, but I would be careful not to make too many external changes that now look like a more tempting target because it hints at a more valuable pay-off waiting inside. Balance. Look like a challenge but not so much as to make the perceived reward enough to take the risk.
I worry about my family as I am away all week and only home at weekends. There have been some recent reports of small groups of 'youths' apparently recce'ing properties and we are in a nice location but not that far from some scummy towns/areas. My advice to her was to phone the police and tell them she thinks someone is breaking into the gun safe...hopefully plod would respond slightly faster - but possibly not at all! Some good advice above about deterrent options which I will look into...although the big dog might result in dead cats...

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