Burglars Killed In Car Crash

The Curse of Fricker strikes again.


Sorry does that sound really immature?


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Those poor burglars.
Two down ..... quite a lot still to go though.
In recent news, a man attempted to rob a betting shop & died and two Burgulars killed in a car crash.

Normally bad things happen in 3's so maybe this trend of fate may continue.
Move along there, NHI.
Double burglar, well done, hold the sympathy.
Don't suppose the family's of the little bastards will be billed for the cars that were wrecked in this happy incident.


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Anybody got a link to their facebook page so I can respekt the young soljers.
car driving alright, car driving alright, car suddenly stops

on looking inside you see two dead bodies

carry on normal life ('unless you were in the car of course)
You hard hearted bastards! Has none of you thought of the poor vehicle owner and the trauma he is suffering?
Wait a minute that was in Manchester, cancel above.

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