Burglars forfeit rights. RKBA (pistols) next?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Radiance, Oct 9, 2012.

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  1. Some sanity out of HMG at last...

    David Cameron: when a burglar invades your home they give up their rights - Telegraph

    It will be interesting to see, if, as a result of the legislation changes, the number of burglaries per capita drops. If, as I expect, it does, should we also extend this to street crime, IOW allow people the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, in particular pistols?

    Even in a domestic setting, having the law say you can defend your home differs from what happens in practice when my teenage children or wife has to defend the home because daddy is away at work. Do I really expect my 16 year old, 8 st daugther to beat off a career criminal?

    Who here is in favour of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, specifically pistols, in the UK?
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  2. Ich. You have to have a sensible system. FYI NI is also part of the UK.
  3. I contend that human rights are inalienable and apply to everybody, including the lowest of the low.

    Governments may recognithe human rights, but it is not in their purview to grant or deny them.
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  4. I AM 110% I have blogged extensively on this issue, I favour the NI legislation on this issue and it will increase public safety.

    A Modern Libertarian: Why was this man been arrested for attempted murder? Answer is the state is too powerful
    A Modern Libertarian: A new Aim for our Coalition- Repeal the hand guns ban of 1997. The facts are Liberal Firearms law = Less Crime
  5. So I do. Along with the obligations that a person owes to the society they live in.
  6. I agree but I don't think i'd own one i've enough improvised weapons all over my house as it is.
  7. This is all well and good (and I agree with you) but the question is what happens when the human rights CLASH.

    IOW human rights of a rapist/mugger/burglar/robber vs. human rights of a law abiding citizen minding their own business.

    I think the human rights of the latter should take precedence, and unless some element of grossly excessive force or pre-meditation can be shown, they shouldn't even be arrested.
  8. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    I agree. And when someone attempts to deprive me of my rights I have right to use reasonable means to defend them.
  9. Pistols?

    Carbines are better.
  10. Where can I get one of these Bear Pistols? Does "Bear" refer to the brand or the preferred target? More info needed...

  11. [​IMG]

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  12. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    The problem is that whilst I am an upright, honest citizen and probably trustworthy enough to carry a gun you are a bit of looney with an obsession with owning a gun to defend yourself with and therefore clearly shouldn't be allowed one
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  13. I would like to do some pistol shooting again, but to defend against burglars I would still sooner rely on the trusty cutlass that hangs on my bedroom wall. Probably more deadly than a pistol at close range - I seriously doubt that a man who'd been run through the chest would get up again - and also quiet. If there was more than one assailant you'd be at a disadvantage by the time you were nine-tenths deaf from a pistol discharging in a confined space.
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  14. Excellent point.

    I further contend that human rights as presently enshrined in law, are far too wide-ranging and do not, in the main, adhere to the concept of a basic, inalienable, human right. Rights cannot be granted, they simply are.
  15. Small axe is the business. Even a glancing blow will crack a napper like an egg.