Burglar shot by home owner.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Oct 7, 2011.

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  1. The burglar was shot in the leg and the householder arrested for attempted murder. Either he was a crap shot or it was a very poor attempt at murder. Either way, I have no sympathy for the burglar.
  2. That's why you should always use double odd shot and aim for the CoM.
  3. Isn't it standard procedure to initally arrest them for Murder (fatality) and attempted Murder (Non-fatality) and then work out the finer details after an investigation is done?

    Either way, should have killed the thieving ****, that way, only one side to the story
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  4. On the news on the way in this morning it mentioned that the victim had been found some distance from the house, also that the owner was being investigated regarding a cannabis farm?
  5. Found this

    Villagers have spoken of their shock after West Mercia detectives investigating the shooting of a suspected burglar found a "well-organised and large-scale" cannabis farm during forensic searches.

    Police said a 60-year-old man, named by neighbours as Malcolm White, was still being questioned on suspicion of attempted murder and of cultivating controlled drugs after the shooting incident on Wednesday.

    Read More Worcestershire villagers tell of shock at shooting - Top Stories - News - Birmingham Mail
  6. Correct. Even police officers who, whilst taking pot shots at armed robbers, knife-men, barristers etc, actually get on target are officially cautioned for manslaughter. They are subsequently then cleared.

    Furthermore - the bloke was shot 12 miles from where the alleged burglary took place. That's either some pretty good shooting or rather the home owner found out where the blagger lived and gave him some provo style 'justice'.
  7. I would imagine that the firearm used to shoot the burglar was as 'legal' as the bloke's cannabis farm.
  8. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    bet they don't have thier fingerprints and DNA taken and stored on a database indefinitely though do they...(sorry my personal bug with the process)

  9. Shot! Good! Killed? Even better! Next thread please.

    Some bleeding heart on the wireless was saying if the burglars are being killed then they will burgle with weapons. Oh! fvcking dear. Easier to justify killing the shits and their leprous spawn of hell into the bargain.
  10. "bet they don't have thier fingerprints and DNA taken and stored on a database indefinitely though do they"

    Done on joining Plod mate, there forever.
  11. So the guy who did the shooting blasted away at somebody who broke into bloke ones weed farm?
    Don't matter what was in the house what business did bloke two have in breaking in in the first place?
    One in the chest one in the head
  12. Errr. They do actually.

    Well, they did in my county about 4 years ago on a voluntary basis pending it becoming mandatory, which it probably is now. The reason being that plods bodily fluids and moulted body hair must be eliminated from any investigation if found at a scene.

    As I was departing I declined to donate a swab and was threatened with not being allowed to attend any crimes scenes. Nothing came of it and I just carried on as normal.
  13. Had my dabs taken (not DNA though) like every Copper when I joined TVP in 1989. They are still on file and will be forever.

    Sorry, MadKev and Effendi, just spotted your post, but I suppose it's a back up.

    12 miles from the scene eh? Dodgy self defence claim then.