Burglar freed from prison on appeal to look after his children.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jim30, May 27, 2011.

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  1. This story (BBC News - Jailed burglar Wayne Bishop freed to care for children) demonstrates everything that is wrong with this country, and in particular those utter f*cking c*nts called New Labour who spent 13 years smashing it. We're a global laughing stock now - where the f*ck was this little scrote on the evening of his burglary if he wasnt in prison.

    I am ashamed to be British and I really hope that those judges get burgled tonight so they see how much fun it is to release scum like this into society.
  2. There is something farcical about this guy's exploits; breaks into a place and only manages to steal some chocolate, clips a police car while running a red light, then gets cornered down a dead end street. Reads more like a Laurel and Hardy script than a crime report...

    Admittedly, if he was in prison he wouldn't be burgling rugby clubs. But that aside, would a few more months on smack landing really make any difference whatsoever? The UK is awash with petty criminals; it's a perfectly respectable lifestyle choice for a couple of million people. To bang them up for five or ten years apiece would require our own gulag archipelago. The other option is to shoot them, which will never happen in a million years.

    My own solution would be to sterilise habitual criminals and hope they subsequently die of drug overdoses. A gift to our children and grandchildren.....
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  3. Oh look, people are surprised about shite like this. It won't go away.
  4. So could he now be done for child neglect when they find him down the pub when he should be at home looking after his children ?
  5. Yeah man but its his " umin rites" innit!! see here :- "The 33-year-old argued the judgement breached the Human Rights Convention guaranteeing respect for family life"

    FFS you couldn't make it up, was the Matrix chambers (Ms Blair et al) involved in his (almost definately legally aided, thus at our ******* expense) defence! When on earth are we going to get rid of this abortion of an act which once again shows it gives more rights to criminals & terrorists than the general public which all the dogooders say it does! :-(
  6. Next time I plan on breaking the law ill shag around without a helmet,get a few little uns and use em in court to get me of the hook
  7. Hardly a master criminal is he? The blokes a mong, you'll sting him more by giving him 200 hours community service, someone has to look after those kids and it will save the tax payer a few quid if we can avoid them going into temporary care.
  8. The only person who 'erred' and failed 'to have proper or any regard to the children that he was the sole carer for' was the fcuking mug who tried his hand at theft.

    Community service and a tag would have sufficed in this case. But I would have preferred a public birching of 300 strokes, then he could bugger of home and carry on ruining his kids lifes.

    "The interests of the children should be central to the decision making process where children are affected by a decision."

    Ie the decisiion to go robbing, and driving like a tw4t? What if daddy, sole carer had rammed an embankment and died during his high speed farce?

    Put the kids in to care/foster homes. They are well rid of this example of 'fatherhood'.

    What shames us most, is that this arguement revolves around how it is all the Judges 'fault', NO responsibility for the perp/father. All of these arguements could easily have been argued by simply revolving the responsibility to the criminal scum who is now hiding behind fatherhood.

    Perhaps next time he jumps in a transit and 'guns it' he will have the misfortune to hit someone in his lawyers family...
  9. What a brilliant dad... (I think this is the same guy).

    From Wayne Bishop, of Bilborough, threatened the head teacher at Portland Primary School

  10. I'd been almost sympathetic towards him up until this point. What the **** is it with ***** like this? What about his kids human rights, not exactly top priority with this prick for a role model. More to the point why do they insist on breeding like ******* rats. I've been here before but I earn a good above average wage and my Mrs would love to have more kids but we need to live within our means. Why do we let these irresponsible scum have huge litters at our expense only to set them up for a life of shite, often to follow the same sorry path as their fuckwit parents? It's demonstrated again by the fact his sister is looking after seven including five of hers, so where the **** is the mother of the other two? I'm obviously assuming she's not an incredibly successful business tycoon with a big house, caring child minder and loving Husband, which I'd be willing to bet is probably a fair assumption. It's easy to keep popping them out, or at least not give a shit when it ups your benefits every time. Castration on first offence would focus their activites somewhat.
  11. How does that old saying go?

    If you cant do the time ....

    im sure it was meant to be some kind of deterant adaginst crime with being jailed or something along the lines i'll have to check with the humans rights stuff. but then again that woman last week got off a attempted murder charge by claiming to be possesed by evil spirits because she belives in the ocult, if your a religious single parent criminal it seems soon you'll be able to have your victim sent down for not helping you rob them blind.
  12. I wish matey......I've put loads of pumpers like this in front of the Court and theyve been given "community" type punishments. Funny old think is I aint yet seen any of them doing anythings for the community. Has anyone?

    Bang em up, its the only real thing these people fear, a decent custodial. This is why this ****** squirmed so much and found a good "out" for himself.
  13. HRA should be repealed and rewritten. It could be named the 'Good Citizen Act (incorparating the HRA)'.

    Before the section on 'umin rites, innit' should be the following...

    'These are the RESPONSIBILITIES of a GOOD CITIZEN. By conforming you ensure that NONE of your HUMAN RIGHTS are affected by the Courts.'

    1. Do not thieve. Respect other's properties.

    ad infinitum.

    The lawyer who got him off, should be bound to ensure the said scum is now reformed. Should a crime be committed, then the lawyer should be banged up for the time too. That might focus the minds of some of these mercenary cnuts who hide behind 'high morals' and the 'umin rites' of those who ensure endless cheques from legal aid.
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