Burglar, 18, spared jail so he can save job clubbing baby seals to death

PETA can fucking well fuck right off.
I'm not sure that I'd really call this much of a plea in mitigation:

Siobhan Collins, defending, told the court Taylor stole the bike because he believed there were drugs hidden inside.
"My client isn't just a common thief, he's a drug fiend as well."
Mimi Bekhechi, a manager for PETA, said: 'Imagining that criminals might reform their deviant, anti-social behaviour by bludgeoning baby seals to death not only is delusional, it's also downright dangerous.

'Animal abuse is harmful to all of society. Research in psychology and criminology shows that people who commit acts of cruelty towards animals rarely stop there; many move on to make fellow humans their victims.'

Read more: Burglar Jack Taylor, 18, spared jail so he can save job clubbing baby seals to death | Mail Online
And Vegetarianism can lead to diseases such as homosexuality. So to sum up, we can live in a world of steely eyed killers or mincing benders.

Oh and fuck PETA.
I'll forgive his minor transgression because of his obvious ability to make PETA members froth at the mouth.
He's full of shit about clubbing baby seals in Alaska. Does not look like he has a drop on Native American blood in him but the Alaska seal harvest (about 2500 per year) is done only by members of two Native American tribes with a tradition of subsistence hunting. Last time I heard about it they could not kill whitecoats (young babies) or a female with whitecoats. If he was clubbing baby seals it was not in the US.

My guess is that the boy is a lying sack of shit.
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