Burgers are clearly bad for you....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ViroBono, Jun 9, 2004.

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  1. Does he know something we don't? Maybe the nuclear reactor where they make Big Mac sauce has gone critical...
  2. What a clown!! :lol:
  3. Come on down Ronald you attention seeking bastarrd
  4. who got him in there,hamburglar????? :lol:
  5. The police have the whole area steaked out :roll:
  6. but apparently in the last hour , there's been a mcflurry of activity (sorry).
  7. and they trust this man with kids? Mummy...
  8. homeless man fancies somewhere to kip and police fancy some low risk overtime while the footy is on with good timing they should be able to spin out out to cover the entire euro 2004 . Like that idiotic seige in london the xmas before.
    Maybe the police just want to make sure they can gloat when england gets kicked out skirt wearing gits :lol:
  9. Its got its own power source, 5000 Phone lines, Food to last for months. Not only are the walls 15ft thick, the whole thing is also covered with tar. The blast doors (and there are two of them) are so solid and thick they weigh 1.5 tons each. One unarmed man alone in a building-good for him and so what? I wonder if he's ex-forces :lol:
    "Come on out homeless man and get back to sleeping on the street where you belong!"
  10. so it's secret then!!! :lol:
  11. there's a sign on the way to chelmsford that says "secret nuclear bunker next left" . their security sucks man :lol:
  12. Theres also one sign posted outside of Nantwich in Cheshire, good directions though I ended up in a field ,until I realised I'd taken a wrong turn ,Er I mean I went the "scenic route" :oops: mind you initially I was impressed with the cam 8O
  13. hmm, one hopes the lines to Strike Command HQ, MoD, HQLAND, Northwood etc were disconnected...
  14. Man...that must be a shitty mobile phone reception!