Burgers are clearly bad for you....



Does he know something we don't? Maybe the nuclear reactor where they make Big Mac sauce has gone critical...
homeless man fancies somewhere to kip and police fancy some low risk overtime while the footy is on with good timing they should be able to spin out out to cover the entire euro 2004 . Like that idiotic seige in london the xmas before.
Maybe the police just want to make sure they can gloat when england gets kicked out skirt wearing gits :lol:


Its got its own power source, 5000 Phone lines, Food to last for months. Not only are the walls 15ft thick, the whole thing is also covered with tar. The blast doors (and there are two of them) are so solid and thick they weigh 1.5 tons each. One unarmed man alone in a building-good for him and so what? I wonder if he's ex-forces :lol:
"Come on out homeless man and get back to sleeping on the street where you belong!"
Theres also one sign posted outside of Nantwich in Cheshire, good directions though I ended up in a field ,until I realised I'd taken a wrong turn ,Er I mean I went the "scenic route" :oops: mind you initially I was impressed with the cam 8O
susie said:
....Not only are the walls 15ft thick, the whole thing is also covered with tar. The blast doors (and there are two of them) are so solid and thick they weigh 1.5 tons each....
Man...that must be a shitty mobile phone reception!
get a large vat of tennats export or as this scotland buckfast postion by air vent that should lure him out


Oh bugger the show's all over! (He's out uninjured and back with the Doc.)

MacDonald, said by friends to have had a military fixation, stormed towards the bunker in a stolen JCB decked out as a tank. :D
Dressed in camouflage clothing and wearing an SAS-style beret, he planted a skull-and-crossbones flag outside the bunker before breaking in. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
MacDonald got in through a window at the farmhouse on the site, which served as the guardroom for the 1950s bunker.
He sawed through a padlock to open metal shutters, then cut through a wire grille. Finally, he smashed the glass to get into the museum. From the guardhouse, he made his way down a 150-metre tunnel to get to the blast doors. A floating floor ensures the 1.5-tonne steel doors are kept open all the time. :D
But MacDonald ripped the floor up, its is thought with a crowbar, and hauled the impenetrable hermetically-sealed three-tonne blastproof doors shut behind him. :D
He then went on the rampage through the bunker a warren of tunnels and rooms, watched by police on CCTV. :D
Jim Braid, the general manager at the bunker, said: "He appeared to be enjoying playing at soldiers." :D
Cameras caught shots of him stripping army uniforms from mannequins in the museum's displays before dressing himself as a soldier. :lol: :lol:
He was spotted exploring the once secret nuclear hideaway with what was believed to be one of the decommissioned guns. :D
He was also seen to place barricade-style booby traps at strategic points throughout the bunker. :lol:
Friends have also told of Mr MacDonaldÂ’s obsession with collecting replica firearms after being "devastated" when he was rejected by the Army as a teenager. :roll:
Bless :lol:
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