Burger King.......You Got it!....Unless your on a 3AAC Ex

Thought I'd post this as clearly everyone was effected by "Victorian Sunray"!!
For those outside of 3 AAC we were in no uncertain terms ordered not to purchase anything from the motorway services on our route stops (of which over the 10 days were several) Not even a paper! Yes hard routine was enjoyed by all, and the majority of the Regt played the game through gritted teeth! I thought this was unecessary for the journey home? a small burger can bring such happiness to the tired and weary?

Could we park 120 vehicles in your services please?
Will you be using the amenities?
Errrr no...
Fcuk off then!! use the lay-by's.

Whinge Ends :oops:
Yes it was quite funny watching the regt 2ic mincing around the services trying to catch people buying stuff!!! :lol:

I did happen to spot a rrb comd maning up and frying bacon in the back of his truck!!!! Good effort !! :lol: (even if i say so myself!!) :lol:
yes the comd of the blue oyster had a good shout with the bacon frying
but the rest of his crew joined the 1st mate of the descrace of the east in a sandwhich paper and drink
when collared by officer aircrew(in the shop with scoff in their hands) and asked what are you doing here? MORE TO THE POINT SIR WHAT THE **** YOU DOING IN HERE) tooshay
Sometimes it does not take a 5 year review by a committee to make reasonable assumptions why the Army has difficulty retaining experienced soldiers.

God I am so glad I left.

Part of me even feels sorry for the lads still in... sometimes :D
I met a chap at Staff College who was very proud of the fact that he used to search his soldiers webbing and pockets prior to a weekend exercise for "Mars Bars,Pot Noodles and other luxuries" .I'm sure he was a well respected commander :lol:
I know of an OC who was free running and still wouldn't let his driver have a Burger King, now that is what I call dedication to the Boss Man
No wonder everyone is so happy in 3 Regt, but wait, are you not disobeying more orders from your leader. Is being on here not banned, shame on you. 8O :D
I am certainly glad I will never have to meet the bone head who was responsible for that one. Well done. I bet your kids loved you for that.

Just one more reason some good people bang out early.
some of us made a few stops but after 89,000 miles who wouldn't need a burger!!! the only question is how the fcuk did the reme manage without the daily chippy run?
This has got to be the biggest load of cr@p i have ever heard, even better than th etom sauce episode. Are CO's supposed to be idiots or is it a qual they get once in the chair? 8O
michail said:
No wonder everyone is so happy in 3 Regt, but wait, are you not disobeying more orders from your leader. Is being on here not banned, shame on you. 8O :D
No, that was the previous TW@T, LtCol "Well Done The Chefs" :twisted:

seeing the RSM trying ban us was priceless :D
112 people signed off is the duty rumour I heard, soon to be 113 at this rate as this callsign is starting to feel the desire to reach for the yellow and black :(
A noble command decision on behalf of the Head Shed if you ask me. Can't have grimy squaddies soiling the Axminster in Welcome Break can we? What a nobber. Nothing like a positive morale booster on the last leg, what?

"Don't be stupid, be a star. Grab a pen & PVR!" Reason? Just staple a Burger King voucher to the form, and... 'Go figure!' :roll:
I can never understand that stupid "you won't get it in war" attitude. You have no choice in the sand pit and practising at being hungry is just so ****. What next practicing at dieing? I honestly have never heard of something so stupid in my life. 8O :roll: :?

What's his name LtCol Cock? Fcuking well should be.
The septic Burger bars on Granby were a damm site better than any welcome break...... so in fairness if practising for war, get in there and whine that thier double whopping whammy super burgers don't live upto the '102nd Sceptic Marine cajun style hombre triple stackers'
A little thankyou to all those who took the time to obviously vent the same opinion as I had! Yes we can all play the game and no doubt will continue to. Perhaps this was all for a reason?

After watching "Supersize Me" I can only think that the boss had our interests at heart! (snigger chortle)
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