Bureaucracy! How to sort it out...

Well, that's him on the FSB list then. Well done mind.
Alexander Kuzmin, mayor of Megion in western Siberia, said that officials must stop using phrases such as "I don't know" and "it's lunch time".
Btw, I have been to the city of Megion several times. It's a centre of big oilfields. The city was built in Soviet times then only a minority had cars. Now literally everybody has own car.

There exists a big problem in the city - there is no place for cars near residential blocks (in huge Siberia!).

About 20 miles East from Megion there is a relatively big city of Nizhnevartovsk (a city of oilers as well). There were several attempts to kill local mayor - mr.Timashkov. Once criminals placed an explosive device on the car where the mayor was sitting. The mayor survived.
...he was tired of civil servants telling him that problems were impossible to solve, rather than offering practical solutions.
He's not the only one. Why can't we do this here? At the very least it'd force them to be a bit more inventive in their excuses. Get them into the habit of working and you never know...
<<<Mr Kuzmin warned in a statement that "the use of these expressions by city administration officials while speaking to the head of the city will speed their departure.">>>

Notice that it's only when talking to him , not when talking to the public. Sounds like another politician to me.

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