Anyone taken up the 40% off BUPA membership offer? If a "friend" of mine had a condition which his doctor currently wasn't aware of would BUPA get suspicious if he claimed quite soon after joining up? Their blurb talks about pre exisiting conditions going back seven years but if the GP wasn't aware of it then how are they going to know if it was pre exisiting? The condition is something that could be caused by an injury.

All the above is hypothetical of course.
Of course.

I have taken up the BUPA offer and I have already made the next couple of years fees up in the treament I had done.

Mine was new injury so there was no bother about it.

BUPA has not got my medical notes but the thing is you do need to be refered by a doc who also didn't have my notes (just moved). Now if the rfereing doc didn't know and it wasn't in your medical notes, then I don't see you having a problem. If, however you have notes and the doc knows about it expect some hard questions.
if your "friend" knows about it and intends to claim, that could be called fraud.
Declarations at the end of contracts cover this and making a false declaration tends to screw up track records with insurance companies.

If it is serious enough to claim on immediately after getting the cover and is likely to be costly, that is what the insurance industry calls "setting alarm bells ringing".

If it is an injury in service, it should get treated through the system and may then qualify your friend in the future for a war pension (of some sort) that won't bump up his monthly premiums
Having recently left the RN, and not being that confident in the NHS (for no specific reason as all of my experience has been good, call it a media stoked perception) I decided to look into private medical insurance. My wife is still serving so we are eligible for the 40% "saving" from BUPA.

Being involved in commercial business and the bidding process I decided to put our business out for tender (3 quotes) Having drawn up a list of requirements (gold plated solution) I found AXA PPP Healthcare by far cheaper (£52 per month v £96 for BUPA) so don't be swayed by the "40% discount" look at what you are getting, decide what you want then get quotes.

A little tip, apply for an online AXA quote, you will have to submit your phone number etc but don't worry. Don't sign up at the end of the quote. Wait about a week and a nice young person will phone up to ask if you are interested, explain that you are waiting for quotes from several other companies, maybe mention BUPA. They will then re-quote you with this in mind, it should come in about 25% cheaper than the original quote for the life of the policy, you may even get a further reduction of 10% for the first year depending how good you are at negotiating. When times get financially tough one of the first things people get rid of is their health insurance, it's a buyers market.

As for "your friends" pre-existing condition I think the rules talk about "not reasonably suspecting a pr-existing condition" If you have a tumour the size of a football on the side of your face it probably didn't appear over the last week or so :wink:
Thanks for all the info guys. My friend is still not sure what to do, its not the quality of treatment thats the issue, its the speed of getting it. He's built up a reasonable level of fitness over the past two years and doesn't want to loose it while waiting for an Op on the NHS that might take two years to get.
BUPA have just rocked up with a first two months free offer as well.
mcclurg said:
smallbrownprivates said:
if your "friend" knows about it and intends to claim, that could be called fraud.

Wowowow, since when were ethics an issue on ARRSE?
What is this thing you humans call "ethics"? :twisted:
Just a bit of an update folks.

I missed the two free months introductory offer so i decided to risk going to see my NHS gp. She gave me a course of anti-inflamatories and said come back in two weeks. Well the knee is no better so went back to see her yesterday. Anyhow the surgery rang me this morning and i've got a consultants apointment in two weeks at a hospital just up the road from my work! According to the NHS web site if surgery is indicated it happens very quickly after seeing the consultant.

I'm actually rather made up with the way things have turned out.
Just a further update for anyone who is interested.

I had an MRI scan on my right knee which came back ok although the cartiledge is a little thin apparently. I've since been having physio at the Hospital (three months worth) plus i've been going to the gym every other day and doing weights to strengthen my quads. Went back to the consultant on Monday and told him that there had not really been any improvement despite all the work i have done.
His suggestion was that the only way to fix it is for me to have new knees but i'm to young for them to consider that option. So i ended up have cortisone injections in both knees. Now that was monday PM, i've just been down the gym and done a light session which went very well. Apparently it will get steadily better over the next week or so then the effects should last for about 3-4 months.
So finger crossed!
FrankCastle said:
mcclurg said:
smallbrownprivates said:
if your "friend" knows about it and intends to claim, that could be called fraud.

Wowowow, since when were ethics an issue on ARRSE?
What is this thing you humans call "ethics"? :twisted:
It's a flat non-descript sh*t-hole to the East of London.
Yep, so far they have done the job i guess. I can now walk down stairs all day in our office without hanging onto the handrail. I haven't been able to do that for over a year now!

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