Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Helpless, Jan 28, 2007.

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  1. I'm thinking of loining BUPA before going on ops in Iraq and wonder if anyone has used them.

  2. I work for them! So if you have a question I can try to answer it.
    Have also worked for another private health company and I must admit in a non-bias sense I think BUPA do a good job! and they give special rates and reductions etc for forces personnel.
  3. Thanks. I suppose the main question is will it help me to avoid the NHS if I'm injured on operations or will they play the exclusions card?
  4. I believe it depends on the condition, and if you are able to be transferred to a BUPA unit, potenially yes you should be able to go to a BUPA unit, but unsure as to what happens to injured personnel. Before you sign up ask the advisor, i'm not an expert as I mainly deal with outpatients and military personnel outpatients.
  5. Thank you Missy. I did ask and the reply was that they were covering operational injuries at the moment but that if things got worse then they could pull the plug. That didn't exactly help as it is only because of going on operations that I want to join. Working in the MOD means that I don't need BUPA - it's for Basra that I want it!
  6. Rehabilitation and outpatient based care (inc. planned surgery). Not acute and /or traumatic injury. They dont generally have A & E dept's. to admit surgical pt's. with serious injury of that nature.

    In essence, private health insurance could be good if you sustain a 'sports' injury on tour, but a GSW or IED injury.... No. The only partial exception is that you could claim for each night you spent in hospital (based on a per night rate) and sometimes for disablement you receive (such as loss of an eye, etc)
  7. you anticipating being injured then?
  8. Gooseman, Those of us at the sharp end take precautions.
  9. why join BUPA when we have a perfectly functional NHS to rely upon.

    and I think Gooseman has been at the sharp end once or twice, oh helpless one.

    when you cop a GSW - there is only two things, both begining with M, that you'll ask for - one is a medic, the other your Mother!!
  10. Because one minute you are on patrol in Basra and the next conscious moment you are in a dirty NHS hospital near Birmingham with a woman in a veil screaming at you. If I had any confidence in the NHS I wouldn't be thinking of BUPA (who have kept rather quiet on this topic despite, I hear, having reviewed it at a management meeting with underwriters yesterday).
  11. dont forget yer 'forces discount scheme' then.

    so, how are you gonna get from B'ham to BUPA?
  12. Do it. If you are seriously ill or badly knocked about the NHS still manages to provide a reasonable service in most (but not all) cases.

    But in my experience it all starts to go base upwards when you are sort of unwell-ish, carrying what is considered to be a non serious injury or getting over the worst and into outpatient care.

    Why did I wake up to find two people sitting on my bed ?? Because the 10+ visitors (scum all) for the bloke next to me had spilled across the bay, were disrupting everything and nobody would tell them to p1ss off apart from me. The whole thing was just so depressing.

    When discharged (at one hour notice because they needed the space) got tossed into the NHS machine

    Then it was really horrible: wait, wait, oh dear we have mislaid your file/scan/x rays/test results, better come back next month, wait, wait more, no I only deal with left big toes you need to see a right big toe specialist, wait some more months, oh my you are on the wrong medication no wonder you are feeling sick all the time and so on.

    And way too many of their ancilliary staff really do not seem to give a toss or are just plain stupid so that what should be really easy is made an admin. nightmare.

    I was lucky in that Mrs B. then landed a job with full-on private medical for the whole family: BUPA Premier Network I think. So when my left knee and a few other bits went snap, crackle or pop as a result of an encounter with a moving vehicle the NHS did the initial bits (well again) but the difference in aftercare and outpatient treatment was huge.

    Good heavens you go in at 09.00 a few days later. Not wait around for 3 months to find 25 other cases all called 09.00 and you are number 24 on the list. Scans? Tests? Done in a trice. Also the private hospitals tend not to always smell of stale, crappy food (why is that in the NHS?) and are staffed by people who are professional and actually seem to want to be there.

    It costs a bit but is worth it.

  13. Thank you Blogg and Mrs B! That seems to be an honest answer at last! I shall take your advice and sign up - but the only worry that I still have is that BUPA (like Tony Blair's promises) may yet let me, and countless others in my battalion, down in the end. If that happens then I trust that ARRSE will report it.

    We shall see...
  14. dont forget to read the small print - or better still, phone them
    BUPA have explicate rules on what they will and wont treat. If you have specific worries - ask them very directed questions. If you become too ill or too difficult a case - it is part of the contract that BUPA have the right to transfer you to the nearest NHS specialist facility

    I havent seen a BUPA Hosp yet with a blood bank, therefore they may not do exploritory ops etc.

    but there is a special scheme for forces to get a discounted rate