BUPA London 10,000 - Arrse Team ?


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Anybody else doing this tomorrow?

If you are still standing after the event and fancy a quiet half in the inevitable sunshine, Tattershall Castle for 1230 ?



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Well I clattered round in a less than gob smacking 57 minutes along with 17,000 others.

Nice to run past Mo Farah at the Start line. Sunny day ,no rain but the occasional cooling breeze.

Having run the 'British 10K' for Combat Stress in July 5 times now I wanted to check out the difference.


Couple of points of comparison.

The BUPA race starts and finishes on the Mall rather than Piccadilly.

Because the marshalling,baggage,loos,charity gangs etc are all in Green Park it's actually less of a trek to the Start line from the baggage drop.

A key difference from the July version was that runners are penned by race number according to their approx finish time ( I was in Blue C). The Start was phased by about a minute between waves and this seemed to me to work much better.

The BUPA race follows much the same course out and back along the Embankment, starting on The Mall then through Admiralty Arch and right turn down Whitehall then along Horse Guards for the Embankment

So trog along to the City much the same.

Key difference on the BUPA course is that rather than just looping around St Paul's and back down onto the Embankment, this course goes further East passing through Leadenhall Market ( excellent Kodo drummers!) and back down that Blackfriars underpass so beloved of VLM runners to head back to Westminster.

No criss-crossing Westminster Bridge just round Parliament Square onto Birdcage Walk with a run in past the Guards Chapel to the Finish line just in front of Buck House. Very nice too.

Well marshaled and the waterstops ( I counted 3?) were manned by people who knew what they were doing rather than Rent-A-Pulse.

Small point but worth noting: the water was provided in small sports cap bottles - lift to face, SQUEEZE, throw away. I found this much better than either stupid cellophane cup or the more usual screwtop bottles. Good stuff

Excellent support as ever in Central London. Two samba bands, one live band who were playing a Fleetwood Mac cover as I went past and some mad British Kodo/Taiko drummers in the covered market . ( Taiko Meantime from Greenwich?)

For some reason even a rain sodden samba band (qv Great South Run) always lift me.

Post Finish routine slick, no huge queues for baggage reclaim, nice Tee shirt (non-technical) and a crammed goody bag.

The only slight downbeat moment was the unnecessary scrimmage at the start when two guys were trying to filter 17,000 people through a five foot gap by their race number colour.

So all in all

A better event than the British 10K ? - Yes
Would I run it again ? - Yes.
Value for money? Compared to the average local 10K for £14-£20 this is quite pricey - but if you want to experience the fun of the VLM without the exhaustion and 3 months of training - go for it.


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<< BUMP>>

Rather than start a new thread I have cunningly tweaked the title.

Anyone fancy putting an ARRSE team together for the 2015 event?

Entries for the 2015 race are now open
LINKY http://www.london10000.co.uk/entry-form/
Online entry

The 2015 Bupa London 10,000 will take place on Monday 25th May 2015.

Online entries will close on the 24th April 2015 at 5pm unless we reach our entry limit before this date.

Location London

Distance 10km (6.2miles) Start time 10:00

Terrain Road Cost £28 (£26, if a member of a UKA registered running club)
To enter the 2015 Bupa London 10,000, simply fill in the form below and follow the onscreen instructions. A place in the Bupa London 10,000 costs £26.00 for UK Athletics affiliated running club members and £28.00 for non-club members and you will pay this via WorldPay (an external third party secure payment system) during the online entry process

I'd quite like to do the run for Combat Stress but open to suggestions.

They always buy places in the July London 10K - and this is a better event so maybe we can persuade them to change their minds and switch.

London area runners - fancy it ?



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I ran it last year and am chewing over this year's entry. Yaaay two runners - not sure how many we need for a team entry !

any more for any more?



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Well I would Goaty, honestly I would, but I'm sat here with a back slab on waiting for a fracture clinic appointment on Monday to have the full cast as long as the swelling has gone down - honest guv;)


My number came in the post today. I'm on the Red C start. They've drastically changed the route this year, no embankment at all. Training not going that well be luck to get under 55mins (did it in 47:30 once).


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Good luck R0B,

no entry this year :-(
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