BUPA health insurance for TA


Have been lurking on ARRSE for sometime and thought would post this as it's left me feeling that finally there is some tangible civvy benefit to being in the TA:


I submitted the online request for further info, fully expecting to read in the small print that this offer was for regs only, but was pleasently surprised when I was called back approx half hour later and informed that as I've deployed I am eligible! :D

It seems quite a good deal, 47% discount for HM Forces which covers you on adventure training, exercises abroad as well as any medical expenses incurred AFTER being demobbed. The discount stays with you so long as you keep paying even if you leave the TA and can also cover family members - there's more detail on the website and the people on the phone are polite and helpful.


Mouse :wink:

(PS: Am not employed by BUPA or anything like that, it just made my day that it was something TA were included in! I know the regs are informed about it but nothing like this has passed my way, not even at Chilwell :? )
Brilliant - well done for posting this.

Anyone have any similar tips re life, personal accident and kit insurance?

By which I mean, policies (ideally discounted) which actually pay out if you're killed, injured or break/lose kit in any situation, including those which are usually excluded in the terms and conditions of policies for less-mad people?
I had a injury about 4 years ago the nhs took 2 years to finally get their act together, because i wasn't seen as a priority case.

they did manage to fix it!

a couple of months ago i had a similar problem so i couldn't claim on my works health insurance policy as they sore it as an existing problem!

so i went to my g.p. told him what was going on and how i'd loose money not being able to tip in on weekends or pass my matt 2 blah blah blah ...... his response was to refer me straight to the nhs as a priority case, they then paid for my x-rays, mri scans, operations, consultations and rehab!

it took a total of 9 weeks from start to finish!

my advice would be get a good gp and push your case 'lose of earnings / career' seemed to work. dont pay for expensive insurance unless you are wealth or accident prone.

this is a scheme the nhs has in place to try to cut waiting times and lists.
Yes, the phrase "it is affecting my day to day life" means that a GP has to refer you on.

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