"Buntline" special in 45 Long Colt.

I'd like one of these. Uberti used to make them but now don't - apparently.

I'm not fussed for it to be very special, accurate or so on. Just a 45 Long Colt with an 18" barrel.. Section 1. Not stupidly expensive.

(Can't afford a 454 Casull and anyway they don't make the 18" barrel model anymore)
Are you dead set on it being ín .45LC? There's a couple on Guntrader in .357

Slightly OT I suppose, but what's it like firing one of these? They must be very muzzle heavy, do you use a rest of some kind?
Uberti have been making 'Buntline' revolver carbines for years, i'm sure you can get them in .44mag as well, if not, get one in .357mag, your better off getting this type of thing in a 'modern' cal anyway IMHO
( anyway, why not just go all the way and get a rossie???)

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