Bunny huggers,dont read this!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Oct 13, 2009.

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  1. It worked for Germany....proven method ;)
  2. Rabbits don't have a lot of fat on them so can't be an efficient fuel.

    Swans however, that's another matter...
  3. Not enough of em, now chavs on the other hand..
  4. What a business opportunity this is!

    Which enterprising person is going to establish such a site in the UK and then go on to harvest all the scrotes from the cities' streets to feed it. Rabbits may not produce many BTUs (or whatever they’re called), but just imagine the boost you’d get from some of the phat phucks polluting UK towns!

    All that’s needed is a more realistic approach and the job’s jobbed. Plus, the folks in the UK can enjoy cheaper leccy and heating. What more could you want?

  5. We could set up fatty farms, hold them in pens and feed them muck till they grow big, then suck it all out and burn it, rinse and repeat.
  6. I don't hug my rabbit as such, does warm me up tho...
  7. this line made I larf....

    "Animal rights activists have claimed that domestic pets are also being rounded up and incinerated."

    What difference does THAT make? Do domestic pets burn at a lesser temperature?

  8. Good thinking, sort of THREE STRIKES and you're burned. :idea: We could also have a weekly prisoner cull, with charity raffle winners getting to pick who's for the National Furnace. :D
  9. Or a sort of pay per view death race over a 1/4 mile course, assorted fire traps and what not, steam could be produced by burning of said chav and other assorted pitfalls could enhance viewing by say, taking off body parts.
  10. We've already got them - we call them 'cities'. We just need to follow through on the culling and burning.
  11. Make Chav Culling an Olympic Event, but only using Baby Seal type clubs to achieve a severe Disablement or Death. 8) 8)
  12. BTU's = Bunny Thermal Unts?
  13. Seems to me to be a waste of good meat, that could be used to feed the scroungers instead of paying them benefits.

    here you are Mrs Chav that £30 benefit and 5 rabbits for dinner.

  14. The chav marathon could be a similar spectacle to the London one. Every mile shoot the last ten runners. The course could be lined with victims of their anti-socialness, each armed with catapults and ball bearings with a prize for the most grevious injury inflicted. Chavettes would be forced to push their buggys ( a five mintute handicap for each child) whilst running for their lves in their white stillettos and puffing Marlboro Lights The race could be run at night with pikey's burning caravans and 4x4's illuminating the course. The first fifty have their lives spared - until the next one. The rest go in with the rabbits.