Bunny boilers!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mag_to_grid, Sep 20, 2006.

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  1. What are peoples experiances of these? We have all had them!
    My latest did the usual "Im Pregnant....im phoning your boss to tell him what you are like....etc"
    What are the maddest things that a psycho hose beast has done to you?
  3. I had one at university, unfortunately my housemates thought it was funny (this was after I'd explained the situation to them over a few beers) to let her into my room, and more than once when bringing a girl, I had to explain who this other girl asleep in my bed was.

    Fortunately, after about 2 (long) months, she got bored!
  4. Set the old bill on me for 'harrasment' after I dumped her for being a psyco bitch from hell and moved on to a girl with longer legs, better body and younger!
  5. Called my mother to tell her what a Barsteward and a wÅnker I was.

    Mother replied" Now tell me something I dont know, <silence> goodbye"

    SK :D
  6. All I can say is : He who dips his wick, must pay for the oil!!
  7. I did the stick of Landies all the time, and the goverment pay for all the OMD 90, I get loobed and someone else pays, sounds the better plan to me!
  8. Exactly the same happened to me when I was away on Op Granby. Horrible weeble-shaped tart.
  9. I once had a man sleep outside my house about once a week in the front garden, for a couple of months after I left him. Kept the cats from crapping there though, perhaps I should have said thanks.

    Oh, and at uni after breaking up with a boy (who was one of my house mates - oops), he broke into my room, played with the heater settings and stole some of my underwear.
  10. Better than stealing your heater and playing with your underwear I suppose :p
  11. One German girl did the 'I've skipped my period' thing when I was about 19 or 20. I shat myself for days.
  12. Another German girlfriend. I was knocking off a cracking looking pads brat (she was 18 OK!) on the side. One evening in a club I was with my German gf when in walked pads brat. She sat down beside me, leant across me (stroking leg and inside of thigh) making suggestions to Gabi, such as 'have you seen that film Fatal Attraction blah, blah, blah?'! A couple of my friends in the know looked as shocked as me!

    Later that evening pads brat got drunk, crawled all over me saying 'I love you blah, blah, blah'! Gabi looked at me! I remember saying. "Young kids out of her feckin' mind with drink!" I fecked off with gf, pads brat sat on side of road calling out her undying love! I gotr away with it!

    Feckin' nuts are women.
  13. ... I'm trying to think of the most psycho thing I ever did.

    erm... when I left my ex-fiance, he'd just did me out of 2 grand, took the house, furniture and everything and moved in a 6th former who's daddy was rich. All he let me take was 2 rucksacks of clothes (he even had my CD collection), so I cleaned the loo with his toothbrush - under the rim and everything - just before I left.

    I'm not proud, but the cnut deserved it after 6 months of Hell.

    3 months later, he'd dumped the fetus and he had the cheek to start stalking me in a violent possessive manner.

    Women, nuts? Some are granted, but some blokes are equally as mental-spazmo