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Jesus, no wonder ther rape allegation fell down, she's a proper swamp donkey. I'd press charges if she kept hassling me too, someone might see you near her at the same time and assume she's your Mrs.

That'd be real mental trauma, especially if you were seen by your mates.


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that is my missus, although she normally kicks about in one of my rugby shirts, ron hills and stiletto's...oh well back down to cheeks for a new one...
I know it's an extreme case, but there are a lot of people who end up being falsely accused of rape. Even if found not guilty or the charges never get to court, 'the sh1t sticks'.

On the other hand there are many women who are really raped and don't get justice. It's women like this one who do the real cases no good at all.

Both sides of the coin are 'worst nightmare' situations.


Holy crap......How would you manage to drink enough to do this beast?
The biggest crime is that she was allowed to carry on with her harrassment for four years before being jailed.
Forces Sweetheart - I completely agree with you. A friend of mine's a psychiatrist and he's petrified that one of his crazies (his word not mine) would do it to him!
When you look at her activities leading up to her imprisonment, it's incredible to realise how far people can go before they are stopped. I am sure that evidence was an issue and if she was crafty enough to get hold of a used condom for her rape allegations then she probably covered her tracks well. But it is very scary that anyone could be subjected to a reign of terror for so long.

The rape allegation issue needs looking at urgently. Anonymity for everyone is a must. I wonder if we will ever see the day when those making false accusations are named and shamed or whether that would be a disincentive to real victims to report their ordeals.

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