Bunker Clearing

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by You_Fecking_Lizard!, May 24, 2007.

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  1. Have a lesson to give next week on Bunker clearing - havent taught on this b4 so need some help.

    all I remember is attacking it at 90 degreess...

    any pointers???
  2. Well wouldn't looking at some pamphlets be a better idea than inviting everyone to post the details for Terry Taliban to read on here?

    No offence mate.
  3. Ensure you have Berlin surround by at least 3 Soviet Armies then attack the Reichstag with 2 Divisions then swing into the bunker. Hopefully this time the Nazis will not have enough time to burn the body or Uncle Joe will be upset. Hope this helps.
  4. anyone give some helpful tips rather than some unhelpful cr*p - I appreicate we dont want people to tell everyone army tactics but just some helpful headings would be kin.....
  5. youre in the wrong place if you throw your teddy this easily!
  6. Bunker Clearing?

    3x Willing Soldiers (young, strong and keen as mustard)
    1x Dirt Devil hoover.
    4x Bin bags.
    4x Cardboard box.
    1x list of carboot sales to sell anything worth money.

    Just like garage clearing but without the car.
  7. Historical approach:

  8. As above but shorter and more chance of a VC
    1 x Swagger Stick
    1 x Pistol

    Or is that the drill for Machine guns I get confused
  9. Senna tablets taken the night before always help me clear my bunker. Although I understand you can improvise with a bar of soap, 5lbs of live eels, a small tin of biscuits and an energy-efficient lightbulb.

    Of course, you could try reading a pamphlet or two before the lesson. They contain all kinds of useful military hints and tips - "Try not to get shot", "Guns are usually more effective when pointed at the enemy", "Pull pin then throw grenade", that kind of thing.
  10. Send in the Salvation Army with their collection boxes...OK here's the no duff gen...find 3 Jocks give them a broken bottle each and tell them there's a half bottle of Whiskey in that there Bunker, leave the rest to them.
  11. For Machine guns replace swagger stick with an Umbrella.
  12. x1 Chatham slapper, remove knickers, push in bunker and tell to open her legs, either the smell or the sight will get them out and get me in!!! ;)
  13. Place locomotive centrally under delivery chute, pull chain. Ensure tender is large enough to contain all coal.