Bungee jumping with no legs.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dingerr, Dec 12, 2012.

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  1. Swerve it mate, I did it on Salford Quays straight after a Surf and Turf and 4 Stella's, messy business.
  2. worst experience ever
  3. Good on him. I wouldn't do it and I have three legs. Well some mornings I do. Apparently.

    Not really.

    Just kidding.

    Feeling a bit whimsical this morning.

    Good heavens is that the time?

    Excuse me is this where I wait for the bus to Noro?

    Yep that's my safety hat and hi vis vest, thanks (Liana).
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  4. Don't do it dingerr, when you get to the extent of the bungee it don't half squash your testicles ... oh, hold on ...
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  5. only 4 ? pffftt....
  6. In my defence it was an on the spot lunchtime session, we were sat outside a pub near the Salford Quays Tram Stop and this tower of scaffolding was being thrown up, an hour or so later they were test jumping so we shot over, I've done it a few times and this one was 40 -50 ft if that, off I jumped, down-up-down-up-spew-down-spew-up, got a round of applause though and it emptied my stomach giving me a distinct advantage for the night out that evening.

    Anyhow, you shouldnt scoff, 4 pints of Stella might have grown you a large enough pair of bollocks to face that **** struck Chinook Pilot who weighed you up for a battering :) Shithouse :)
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  7. 4 stella is not a session but I admire the lengths you went to to make room for the night ahead.

    I just hope you were not leg less after 4 pints.
  8. No, too fond of spirits although judging by the authoritative tone of your response i'll humbly bow to your evident superiority you 'no piss before 10 pints' hetero-tiger you....