Bundeswehr, Politicians and Gallantry Awards

In the German news yesterday evening, there was a piece on the possible re-introduction of the Iron Cross as a gallantry award for Bundeswehr soldiers on Ops. Currently the only award that Bundeswehr members can earn are Ops Medals and the so called "honour cross" for soldiers who are particularly loyal i.e. time served.

Sadly, you now have all the bleeding heart liberals coming out of the woodwork who are outraged that such a "symbolism" of the Nazi era should be re-introduced !! As stated in the link, the medal was actually introduced in 1813 and the swastika was only added during the nazi regime in 1939.

Me personally, I think these idiots should get over it. WW2 ended nearly 63 years ago and times have changed. It´s not exactly as if the German MoD want to leave the bloody swastika on the medal !! If a member of the Bundeswehr shows outstanding gallantry on Ops, then why the hell shouldn´t he or she have their achievement recognized ?

If all the fluffy bunnies have got a problem with a historic award, then why the hell don´t they commission a new award with a new design, instead of stating flatly that no soldier should have a gallantry award ?

Any thoughts on this matter ?

I think a new design and change of name might be in order but yes, they should have something for the rare occasion a member of the modern German Army does something brave.
very good there are many brave individuals who actually share the same ideals as the rest of us .
I am sure that whereverer
you come from , providing that you are from the REAL services conclave you wil understand where I am coming from

Best regards
For Chrissake! it,s THEIR bloody Army, THEIR country, and THEIR culture, they can have whatever bloody medal they like, Iron Cross, Tin Cross, Plastic Cross or Wooden Cross, it,s got BUGGER all to do with anyone except the Boxies themselves, the war is over, lets just get on with surviving whats left of the mess we,ve got now.

THompson!........Burra Chota Peg please........thank you.
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