Bundesarchiv Images release -1943

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by PartTimePongo, Dec 22, 2008.

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  1. What's the Rifle being held by the No2. on the gun?
  2. Just learned something !

    I never knew the German Army wore "Gaiters" !
  3. Looks like a Gewehr 43 to me....
  4. I was going to ask that...

    Is it wrong to say he looks quite ally..?
  5. i am guessing its an svt 40

    designated as SIG.259(r) by the Wehrmacht
  6. ..........but the magazine makes it look more like the Walther Gewehr 41: both were modelled on the US M1.

    Gaiters? The German Army started to introduce them in 1943, when leather became short...........copied from the Brits - and we spent 50-odd years trying to get rid of the feckin' things.
  7. I'll go along with that....it's been a long fecking day....fecking Xmas shopping!!
  8. get any good bargains?
  9. Slightly unexpected pic:

  10. 1943 Italy, so a captured piece or an issued Czech one?
  11. I almost dread to post this on Arrse, but:

  12. As far as the gaiters are concerned these were issued towards the end of the war when the cost of the full length boot became prohibitive. Design virtually identical to the British version. Very common is pictures post D Day.