Buncefield Sentry Found

Miner said:
Police say...
"It is too early to confirm whether it is linked to any crime ....
How can finding a human head in a field not be linked to a crime?
It's littering, at least.
Sounds like a classic accident. He slipped when shaving and cut his own head off. As a accident the police can claim there was no crime and no need for an investigation. Saves on paperwork and keeps the crime figures down.
tattybadger said:
pandaplodder said:
tattybadger said:
can't quite see your connection with Buncefield

unless its a flippant remark,
It's a very weak and pish poor link to bits of body being found around Herts.
With the amount of people who go missing each day I think this will one that takes ages to solve. Although my money is on it being a Russian.
tattybadger said:
I see what you've done there. You're wasted on this site, honestly :)
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