Buncefield Sentry Found

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tattybadger, Apr 1, 2009.

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  1. Police say...
    How can finding a human head in a field not be linked to a crime?
    It's littering, at least.
  2. Sounds like a classic accident. He slipped when shaving and cut his own head off. As a accident the police can claim there was no crime and no need for an investigation. Saves on paperwork and keeps the crime figures down.
  3. can't quite see your connection with Buncefield

    unless its a flippant remark,
  4. It's a very weak and pish poor link to bits of body being found around Herts.
  5. With the amount of people who go missing each day I think this will one that takes ages to solve. Although my money is on it being a Russian.
  6. Apparently the Police have conducted a fingertip search inthe area but have not, as yet, found any fingertips.

    hat, coat, etc...
  7. I see what you've done there. You're wasted on this site, honestly :)
  8. Sarcastic twaat!! :D This is the product of another dull day in the office!! :(
  9. No doubt his Herts in the right place....

    ...I'll fuckoff & get me coat then..... :)