Bumping and auto-regeneration

There's currently a thread in NAAFI, "Alcohol" http://www.arrse.co.uk/cpgn2/index.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=76077#1486597 which has drawn a greater level of responsible commentary from users than is the norm. I feel that it is in the most appropriate forum as it probably has greater relevance to NAAFI users than had it been tucked away in one of the more formal areas of the site.

Some of the posts will have relevance for many years to come, as new users enter and the older ones wither away (probably from liver cirrhosis). It would be a shame for this topic to disappear into the archives, rarely to be seen again.

With that in view, is there a means by which topics can be regenerated, i.e. appear as if they have a new post, so that they reappear in the Forum Index?

The "Alcohol" thread could be regenerated every couple of months without being annoying. I know that "nanny" management could be levelled as an accusation, but it would be a responsible action and yet not forced down people's throats.

Similarly, there are many other posts that users feel obliged to "bump" in order to increase awareness. A similar technique could be applied to these (presuming that the technology exists) using a more frequent regeneration and an expiry date.

I realise that "stickies" are intended to perform this function, but in reality, very few people read those.


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