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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bumper, Jun 29, 2010.

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  1. It is of course, a very long time since I left, but not so long that I'm without the lingering memory that we all used to be posted every two or three years and there's always a danger of out-staying both your welcome and usefulness. I've now got to the stage where I've past both here.

    In fact, I've got to the stage when I'm just getting irritated and angry, instead of being amused with quick wit and challenged by informed and original thinkers.

    On posting, we all used to be granted the pleasure of a reply to the CO's dining out speech and my, there where some howlers of replies. This is mine.... not a howler, just a note of disappointment and disgust.

    Whilst the site has no direct affiliation to anyone or anything, the informal "house," charity is Holidays4heroes. It is the bastard orphan child of this site and something to be very proud of. It embodies the , "buddy," or "mates helping mates," philosophy of helping one another out; what the Gurkhas would call the "Kaida," or the "Way." Unfortunately, (although you wouldn't think it looking at most of the posts), there are actually only a very few number of decent and generous souls who help and contribute on a sustained and repeated basis. The rest do the square root of fvck all.

    Whats grabbed me by the balls and made me squeal like a little girl with her hand trapped in a slamming door?

    Last weekend 5 teenagers tabbed over 14 peaks in Snowdonia to raise £1500 for Hols4heroes, ( http://www.arrse.co.uk/Forums/viewtopic/t=152114.html ) Three weeks ago, a bunch of teenagers from the same school raised £1200.

    The thread on their last effort solicited 736 views and only 3 messages of support. Three people out of the grand standing "I've been there and done it," membership could be bothered to say "good effort, thanks."

    Well, I'm embarrassed and ashamed to be associated with this site - most of you are not fit to stand in the shadows of those teenage kids. They're not hanging around bars complaining about what should be done... they're doing it and making a difference.

    So, thank you to those individuals who have made it a fun, upbeat and rewarding experiance. The rest of you losers can mostly fvck off.

  2. missed that thread!!!

    well done to those guys involved!!!
  3. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Bye bye Bumper. I will miss your cutting, witty comments.

    Don't let the door hit you in the arrse on your way out :x
  4. look, I'm being angry..... don't get in the way by being nice now
  5. you can fvck right off for a start....... you only checked the thread bcause you thought I'd croaked it. Bet you were a fvcking Argyll...?
  6. lol no honestly its a brilliant effort!!! if i had of been one of the 736 viewers i would have replied

    again well done to all those involved!!!!
  7. Fukc off then you miserable kunt! There are loads of people doing worthwhile shite in and around this site who do it without wanting a 'Look at me badge'

    Well done and good effort to those that raised the money - I would have commented on the thread you mentioned but I must have missed it whilst trawling through dull shite threads like this one you boring twatt!

    This site or it's users doesn't owe you a living - close the door on your way out you dull kunt.

  8. Look bumper - you said you were going; Now fukc off! :D
  9. hear that....? It's the sound of the revolving door slamming.... muppet.
  10. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Who's Bumper? Was he in Sesame Street?
  11. So you know this as a fact do you? Just because not everyone replies to a thread, where PG demands cash with menaces, doesn't mean they haven't contributed behind the scenes!

    I was under the understanding you was meant to be an Intelligence Officer! :roll:
  12. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Well done kiddoes, the blisters were well earned:)
  13. Wot he said. Not everyone feels the need to advertise the fact they've made a donation.

    As for the pat-on-the-back replies, I feel about this the same as I do about the RIP threads. Just because you don't repeat ad nauseam the same comments as previous posters, doesn't mean you are ungrateful for the efforts made. I'm sure the teenagers involved didn't complete the task for the thrill of seeing how many "thank you" posts they'd get!
  14. So someone i've never met and never will meet has got sand in his vag over a load of people he doesn't know not doing what he wants? Damn! maybe if it was so desperately important to you what a bunch of anonymous individuals do, you could've posted a few bump messages in that thread to keep it high on the recent post listings. That way those who just swing by occasionally might've actually seen it without trolling through hundreds of other threads- the charity messages disappear quickly compared to NAAFI or Current Affairs because people are always going to post more rapidly in those, as they tend to be back & forth as opposed to single messages offering donations/support. Essentially you're complaining about other posters not being psychic enough to go 'The voices tell me theres an important thread on ARRSE i must post on, despite being at work/down the pub/watching the telly or in this case maybe having a lie-in at 855 on a sunday morning etc'...
  15. I think you will find........... and I would welcome being slapped down and corrected.... that a diminishing number of members of this site contribute behind the scenes. Many of those who do are the same people who have since inception and interestingly, some of the people in that group can least afford to give. The very vast majority chip in zip, not even words of encouragement.

    Your understanding of me is on the wonky end of misplaced...... never an IO, can't do joined up writing