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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cuddles, Jul 7, 2008.

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  1. I'll start us off...

    1.Across Plump gay; it's a six footer? (Answer: FATHOM)
  2. 3 Across:

    Fish-smelling lightly armoured, female vehicle. (Answer: Snatch)
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    3 Down: Has difficulty opening multicoloured sweets packaging. (Answer: Tube)
  4. The tramp's sauce causing loose stools (Bum gravy)

    Chase up the action whilst farting recklessly (Follow through)

    Hugs the frequent poster (Cuddles)

    Swaps games with leader of men for a foul secretion (Smegma)

    Put your hands together for a dodgy condition (Clap)

    Poor publication? Quite the opposite (W@nk mag)
  5. Chef making pancakes in the traditional manner (Tosser)

    They are itching to walk sideways (Crabs)
  6. Twenty two Down (4,4) Fun for all; but one left sad - ANSWER: Gang Rape
  7. Officer cutting down the wrong tree (Chopper)
  8. (4,4) A misspelled french connection holds water (Butt fuck)
  9. 7 across:

    South Amercian bandit with greasy anus and fast hip flexors.

    A: Mexican Bumw@nking

    198291827 Down:

    Walting cunt

    A: Caubeen or Pte Golding
  10. 22D in polite society (7,3): Suprise Sex
  11. 24 Across (4, 6):
    Drink an acceptable form of Saturday-night female chastisement. (Answer - Wife Beater)
  12. 11 across

    Lowly Auric reject (3, 6)

    Ans:- Pte Golden
  13. A title winning evacuation; from the old into the new. 5,4. (Grand SLAM)
  14. 21 across Protein snack for losers (5,7)

    Ans:- Soggy Biscuit
  15. 18 across Slow to agree ANSWER: Delayed Consent

    19Down:Tapas leads to tears ANSWER: Maddie