bump on camp

had a bump on camp last week, was my fault

no damage to other car, but due to the angle he hit me i think my car is a write off

i havent informed insurance yet, but will they turn around and say because it was on mod property and not on a civilian road then they wont pay out etc???
lol, no

just the angle he hit me, has crushed all my wing and bent all my inner wing back

the car itself is only worth about £2500, and theres a good £1000 of damage
Are you fully comp? Surely it doesn't matter that the incident happened on camp? If so that would be like the insurance company saying they won't pay-out anywhere unless it's a public road and that's unrealistic!
Someone hit my car, while on camp in Germany. No problems with the insurance company, so I can't see any reason why yours should'nt pay up.
Double check your policy mate, I had a crash on camp and claimed with no probs at all although my policy says I'm not insured on active airfields (So even insurance companies dont like the RAF!!!! :D ), nothing about MOD roads though!
Some years ago now, Direct Line refused to cover vehicles that were used on airfields. At the time, I was based at Upavon, but not on the airfield, and I wondered how they would treat me if I had claimed for a simple bump!

As I am about to renew my insurance, I read the blurb that arrived with the notice and found the following changes:

Definition of Hazardous Locations:

Power stations, nuclear etc, ammunition etc etc, MOD premises and military bases - other than in any area designated for access or parking by the general public.

General Exceptions:

We will not cover any damage or liability caused by using your vehicle in a hazardous location.
This implies that an accident anywhere within a military base would not be covered, quite simply because the general public cannot gain access to that base anyway. However, the simplest way to counter it would be to argue that, once signed in, any civvie could drive wherever there are roads!

It also seems very strange that they are willing to insure me when my occupation is described as "HM Forces" but not when I am driving on camp.

I might have to look elsewhere for insurance, drive very carefully when on camp or spend hours on the telephone talking to the call centre!


Edited because a word went AWOL!
Normal army roads are covered if there is access to normal road vehicles. We had to pay a lot more to cover our vans flightline side when we worked on bases but not for non flightline side. Effectively that meant some of our vehicles could not pass the FOD sign, although in practice the insurance covered all our vehicles with the same cover so all could go FOD side.
I regularly used my Landy on the ranges around Thetford and had notified the insurance and was in fact on of the few civvy vehicles allowed in some of the ranges. (RAF Thetford, Zrange etc.)

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