bumfun manlylove

Same as before just thought I'd drum up a bit more interest by swapping the title around.

Cherryhoop up for grabs. Not to approachable at the mo (got the sh1ts). Has recently been waxed a la brazilian. Nuts healthy. Women if your contemplating dont mind being used and abused with a strap on so long as I get a reach around ie get to give you the good news as well.
RearWords said:
Didn't your post work the last time! :eek:
What do you fcuking think Einstein?
jarrod248 said:
Any pictures?

I refer you to the fat munters on the totty thread at the Naafi bar that Scaley keeps posting. Imagine one of them (not the ginger) with gonads. Picturing it? Sure? Hold that thought. Thats me! Now fcuk off and stop hijacking my serious advert.
nebapneb said:
PandaLOVE said:
With reference to a previous thread is this thread one where no one knows what the fcuk is going on except for about 2 people?
sounds about right
Fcuked if I know. I only put out the advert.
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